CL’s unique student-centric pedagogy

At Career Launcher, our goal for the students extends beyond improving performance for just that particular class, board or subject. We understand the significance of class 8-12 learning in shaping students' future career pursuits and their ability to compete on a national level in competitive exams.

Therefore, concept clarity is paramount for students to thrive in their chosen career paths. To facilitate this, our tuition program offers a range of effective learning tools and resources as depicted in this diagram. Additionally, our AI-enabled Aspiration portal provides personalized guidance, enabling students to navigate their educational journey with confidence and purpose.

Why Choose our Class 8 Online Coaching?

Customize your

You can choose the subjects you want based on your requirements and decide what you would like to take tutoring for.


You get to study with live interactive classes as well as self-paced videos. To practise, you get access to various assessments and mocks.


With no classes on the weekend, students can focus on self-growth, take a break and explore more hobbies.


With Parent-Mentor Interaction (PMI), held twice a year, we make sure that parents know the progress of their child.

Access to

Study, practice, watch videos & strategy sessions, and view performance analysis on our 24x7, AI-based, online learning portal.

Choose your program

Build a Strong Foundation in Class 8

Conceptual Understanding

Understand subjects and cover various topics to develop sound analytical skills and logical reasoning

Skill Development

Skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, & communication play a critical role in academic & professional success

Exam Preparation

Board exams for classes 10th and 12th are critical milestones that require strong preparation starting from 8th grade

Career Readiness

Explore interests and identify strengths to focus on the path to lucrative career & higher education opportunities

Parent journey in the Program

Parents have major role in the academic journey of their child especially at this stage. CL’s pedagogy ensures that parents are equally engaged in their child’s progress through key initiatives planned for the parents.

Frequently asked questions

For class VIII, CL will be offering courses in Maths and Science. Students will get conceptual clarity in topics and problems of Physics, Maths, Chemistry, and Biology.

Yes, all study material is available for class VIII. Students will be getting self-paced videos, practice sheets, chapter summaries, regular assessments, and mocks.

Student can raise their concerns on a dedicated telegram group and the faculty will resolve it. For parents, their queries can be sent to

The course offers self-paced video lessons along with the missed class’ recording on the aspiration account of student. For any further doubts, the student can ask in the next class and the mentor will address it.

There will be 2 classes of 90 mins in one week per subject. A student taking both maths and science will have 4 classes of 90 min each in a week while a studen selecting one subject will have 2 classes of 90 min each in a week.