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Tuition’s unique student-centered pedagogy

At Career Launcher, we are committed to ensuring students receive the best education that goes beyond just improving performance in CBSE curriculum classes. Recognizing the importance of class 8-12 learning in shaping future career pursuits and preparing for national-level competitive exams, our mission is to empower students for success.

Our tuition program prioritizes concept clarity, a crucial factor for students to excel in their chosen career paths. We offer a comprehensive range of effective learning tools and resources, as illustrated in the accompanying diagram. Additionally, our AI-enabled Career Launcher platform delivers personalized guidance, enabling students to navigate their educational journey with confidence and purpose.

Discover the Career Launcher advantage – where excellence meets personalized learning. Join us as we pave the way for your academic success and future career achievements.

Build a Strong Foundation in Class 9

Conceptual Understanding

Understand each subject and cover various topics to develop sound analytical skills and logical reasoning

Skill Development

Skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, & communication play a critical role in academic & professional success

Exam Preparation

Board exams for classes 10th and 12th are critical milestones that require strong preparation starting from 8th grade

Career Readiness

Explore interests & identify strengths to focus on the path to lucrative career & higher education opportunities

Comprehensive Preparation Program for Class 9

Parent's Journey in the Program

Parents play a very important role in a student's academic journey. More importantly in this age where they are going near to making big decisions for their careers, parents and students both need to be clear about their interests and options available to them. So we have planned a parent journey as well along with students.

Parent Mentor Interaction

We have scheduled 7 PMIs across the course span. Through this, parents can check on their kid's progress and discuss it directly with the faculties.

Parent Seminar Workshop

Various sessions with parents have also been scheduled across the duration of the course. Here we will discuss various parenting tips and career options.

Parent Career Launcher

Parents will get their own Career Launcher account. There we will update the progress report of the student on a regular basis, and they can access it anytime.

Student Testimonials

Frequently asked questions

For class IX, CL will be offering courses in Maths, Science, and Social Science. Students will get conceptual clarity in topics and problems of Physics, Maths, Chemistry, and Biology. We will also be giving tips and techniques to score well in social science.

The assessments will be both objective and subjective. The mocks will be according to the exam patterns followed by CBSE and thus will give an appropriate idea about the student's preparation for both types of questions.

Student can raise their concerns on a dedicated telegram group and the faculty will resolve it. For parents, their queries can be sent to

The Career Launcher platform has been developed by CL to improve student learning. All the resources related to a course will be accessible to the student on this platform. Students will also be able to attempt the assessments & mocks and get an analysis there itself.

There will be 2 classes of 90 mins in one week per subject. So according to the subjects you select, you will receive the schedule of classes.