Aim 100/100 in
CBSE Class 10 Maths



Ace the new CBSE Class 10 TERM 1 paper pattern with expert-led video lessons and easy to learn tools. 500+ most important MCQs discussed

Ramya has been conducting impactful sessions for the last 10 years

Ramya ma'am is absolutely inspiring and brings a new perspective to problem solving.

Abinraj Bhaskaran (Student)

Ramya helped my child to be interested in Maths and achieve a perfect 10 CGPA.

Merlin Babu (Parent)

Ramya ma'am helped me win over Math questions.

Aleena Mathen (Student)

Ramya ma'am amazes with her knowledge and skill.

Pranav Pradeep (Student)

Ramya ma'am helps us understand all ways to solve a problem and has an awesome teaching style.

Sabrina Sadia (Student)

Ramya ma'am developed the ability to solve questions fast which was very important for Time Management.

Ashley Thomas (Student)

Why Prepare for TERM 1 Class 10 Maths with CBSE MATHS 100 with Ramya?

Productive Learning

The bite-sized (around 30 mins) videos make concepts easy to understand and revise

Systematically paced

The lessons are designed in such a manner that they map your TERM 1 syllabus

Result Oriented

The core philosophy is to boost scores of every serious and disciplined CBSE Class 10 student

Program Features

Recorded Lessons

Study for 30 minutes a day with on-demand lessons you can watch anytime.

Skill Development

Learn the correct skill sets to solve MCQs, case studies and assertion reasoning questions accurately.

Memorization & Calculation Techniques

Techniques to remember formulae and calculate faster are discussed to help you save time in the paper.

CBSE MATHS 100 Term-1

About the Mentor


Ramya has been teaching students Mathematics, Quantitative Ability and Reasoning for the past 10 years at Career Launcher. Students find learning from her to be fun and informative, as she is good at teaching difficult concepts in a simplified manner and making the students conceptually sound. She has been successfully preparing her students for their Class 10 Math Boards exams, class 12 Math Board Exams and various competitive exams such as JEE MAIN, CLAT , SAT, SAT2 . When she’s not busy teaching students and clearing doubts, Ramya loves to dance to energetic songs, re-watch Friends on Netflix and play Rummy with family.

3 Key VARC1000 Program Features


All new 80 Expert-led bite-sized

Gain skills by spending around 30 minutes daily with on-demand video lessons that you can watch at your convenience


Daily Dose: 50 skill test doses to
fine-tune your skills

Every week solve four skill tests and enhance the skills that you learned from the Expert-led lessons [starts mid-August]


Hand-picked section tests to get
your strategy right

The section tests are created to expose you to various CAT scenarios with video explanations on every single aspect of the test

Expert led Learning Plan

Video No Lesson No  Topic Test  Time Limit for Test 
1 Lesson 1  How to use CBSEMATHS100 for TERM 1 – The 8 Week Plan  
2 Lesson 2 Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic  
3 Lesson 3  Decimal representation of rational numbers  
4 Lesson 4  CASE STUDY 1 – REAL NUMBERS Pre Session Test  10 mins
5 Lesson 5 Zeroes of a polynomial  
6 Lesson 6  Relationship between zeroes and coefficients   
Video No Lesson No  Topic Test  Time Limit for Test 
7 Lesson 1 CASE STUDY 2- POLYNOMIALS Pre Session Test  10 mins
8 Lesson 2 Number of solutions of Linear Equations  
9 Lesson 3 Solving by substitution and by elimination  
10 Lesson 4 Situational Problems on Linear Equations  
11 Lesson 5  CASE STUDY3 – LINEAR EQUATIONS Pre Session Test  10 mins
12 Lesson 6  Distance formula  
Video No Lesson No  Topic Test  Time Limit for Test
13 Lesson 1 Section formula  
14 Lesson 2  CASE STUDY4 - COORDINATE GEOMETRY Pre Session Test  10 mins
15 Lesson 3  BPT Theroem  
16 Lesson 4  Similarity Criteria  
17 Lesson 5  Ratio of Areas  
18 Lesson 6  Pythagoras Theorem  
Video No Lesson No  Topic Test  Time Limit for Test 
19 Lesson 1 CASE STUDY 5- TRIANGLES  Pre Session Test  10 mins
20 Lesson 2  Trigonometric ratios  
21 Lesson 3  Value of Trig Ratios  
22 Lesson 4  Trigonometric Identities  
23 Lesson 5  CASE STUDY 6 – TRIGONOMETRY Pre Session Test  10 mins
24 Lesson 6  Area & perimeter of sectors  
Video No Lesson No  Topic Test  Time Limit for Test 
25 Lesson 1  Area and perimeter of segment  
26 Lesson 2  Combination of Plane Figures  
27 Lesson 3  CASE STUDY 7 – AREAS RELATED TO CIRCLES Pre Session Test  10 mins
28 Lesson 4  PROBABILITY - Cards , Dice, Coins  
29 Lesson 5  PROBABILITY - Miscellaneous  
30 Lesson 6  CASE STUDY 8– PROBABILITY Pre Session Test  10 mins
Video No Lesson No  Topic Test  Time Limit for Test 
31 Lesson 1  MCQ Practice 1 - Real Numbers & Polynomials   
32 Lesson 2   Assertion Reasoning 1- Real Numbers & Polynomals  
33 Lesson 3  CASE STUDY 9 Pre Session Test  10 mins
34 Lesson 4  MCQ Practice 2 - Linear Equations & Coordinate Geometry  
35 Lesson 5  Assertion Reasoning 2 - Linear Equations & Coordinate Geometry   
36 Lesson 6  CASE STUDY 10 Pre Session Test  10 mins
Video No Lesson No  Topic Test  Time Limit for Test 
37 Lesson 1  MCQ Practice 3 - Triangles & Trigonometry   
38 Lesson 2  Assertion Reasoning 3 - Triangles & Trigonometry   
39 Lesson 3  CASE STUDY 11 Pre Session Test  10 mins
40 Lesson 4  MCQ Practice 4 - Areas Related to circles & Probability  
41 Lesson 5  Assertion Reasoning 4 - Areas Related to Circles & Probability   
42 Lesson 6  CASE STUDY 12  Pre Session Test  10 mins
Video No Lesson No  Topic Test  Time Limit for Test 
43 TEST 1  40-Mark TEST 1 TEST  90 mins
44 TEST 2 40-Mark TEST 2  TEST  90 mins
45 TEST 3 40-Mark TEST 3  TEST  90 mins

What students say about Ramya

Ashley Thomas

Ramya Ma'am is truly a passionate and excellent teacher

Ramya ma'am had been really helpful for 10th board exams. She helped in getting familiarized with essential questions that would be asked for boards and contributed to developing the ability to solve questions in a shorter timespan which was really important for time management during the tests. She helped in analyzing and decoding the meaning of questions especially in chapters like probability and also provided with many practice questions and model papers so that I could gain the knack of solving them quickly and get used to the questions that would be put forward in the board exams. Overall, she is truly an excellent and passionate teacher is always there to help students when in doubt.

Abinraj Bhaskaran

Ramya Ma'ams classes are knowledgeable and inspiring

I am Abinraj Bhaskaran. A student of Career Launcher 2019-2020 10th batch. I passed my 10th grade CBSE Board exam with overall 93% marks and 97 marks in Math. Ramya ma'am was just not a usual math tutor you could see with complete formal conversation and nerdy glasses. She is one of the most active tutor; becomes a teacher, a friend at the very right moment. I have been a Math enthusiast and I can say she will bring a new perspective to your math perspective, both morally and knowledge. Anytime she is available to clear doubts. The classes are knowledgeable and inspiring. She treats every student judicially.

Aleena Mathen

Ramya Ma'am made me understand and win over all questions

For the 10th board prep, Ramya maam's teaching style was the most helpful. She easily made me understand and win over all of the questions from the textbook to a point where no matter what type of question was asked, I was always able to apply the right technique and solve the question. All throughout the year, she supplied me with question papers and worksheets that repeated the same techniques but in different wording; by the last few months the speed that I gained in solving these questions had insanely improved. Ramya maam knew exactly how things would be asked in the board exam, thus giving me a perfect idea of how much time to spend on each type of question. I can very confidently say that Math boards, without a doubt, was my easiest of the entire lot, thanks to Ramya maam!

Sabrina Tabassum Sadia

Ramya Ma'am is an awesome teacher

I have joined Career launcher in 2020. And I improved a lot especially in math. In term 1 exam which I had to write offline in that I achieve 100 score and in term 2 I scored 98. Me and parents were really happy about it. This was possible because of Ramya maám who helped me a lot. And moreover, in online class we students don't understand math much but she teaches us especially me very nicely. She is really an awesome teacher. I really understand her teaching and I love her teaching style. She always make me interested in math. In classes, not just she explain a question, but she tells us in how many way we can write the question, what is the shortest way, which will be correct. I'm really thankful to Ramya ma'am for giving me so much attention and helping me in math.

Pranav Pradeep

Ramya Ma'am makes even the most boring concepts easy

Words cannot describe the hard work and dedication that Ramya Ma'am has throughout her work period. She's always ready and willing to help any student in need, well versed in the subject and is always equipped to teach. She knows how to gauge her students and identify their potential to great extent and accordingly adapts to the child's learning style as well as making even the most boring concepts easy. She has full authority over the subject to such lengths so as to give us hints, tips and short cuts to master the subject. She is always full of energy and readiness to teach the students and never seizes to amaze them with her knowledge and skill.