CLAT-2020 : The New Approach

The game has changed and Verbal Ability has taken the front seat. At Career Launcher, we always focused more on the Verbal Ability for every student, working for law entrances tests, because we understood the importance of Reasoning skills, especially Critical Reasoning, Decision making, and Reading-Reasoning ability. It is true that to become a renowned lawyer, one must have exposure to multiple domains of knowledge. But the base of all this is a student's reading capacity, data retention ability, and critical judgment to assimilate various know hows into single thought processes, making the best lawyers. CLAT expects this from every young aspirant seeking a seat in the highly sought world of Legal complexities. CL Ahmedabad has language experts who teach Logical-Grammar and Grammatical-Reasoning in Reading ability applied with data crunching: this singular approach gives students the ability to develop a precise logical-rational mind. What CL thought yesterday, entrance exams apply today.