Every year CAT comes with some or the other tiny or stark change. This year, the question pattern remaining the same, the VARC section proved heavy for the candidates. Especially, the Reading Comprehension section with 5 passages, sharing 24 questions, completely apart from one another. Not one question asked could be answered straight from the passage as Specific Detail. Inference questions were with the EXCEPT variation. A long awaited Natural Science passage reflected the GMAT type and questions were all derived type. Even with the narrative passage, mostly from a book review, the questions were not titular but needed proper assumption. Comparatively, the Non-RC section was kept only mildly spicy. The ODD parajumbles and the Summary questions were pretty straightforward and students got most of them correct. Finally, any one who went through the strict regime of training, and had not take the Verbal section lightly, did perform considerably well. At CL we believe in putting students through baptism by fire rather than easing the journey. CAT followed our Verbal Lifeline: "A concept is only difficult so long it is not replaced by another".