Why you should spend more time thinking about management as career.

There was no time in human history when management as a discipline did not exist. What makes humans different from all animals is our capacity to rationally manage our resources as part of daily life and for the future to come. Humans are social, sentient beings and it needs incredible effort to manage our resources so that our civilization doesn't become extinct as that of the dinosaurs. Management is the ultimate destination of all disciplines of study and research. Thus, management has become the most crucial coordination between all fields of human effort, all strata of society, all academia, and the application of such resources to create a better existence. Discipline of management, financial, human, social, labour, etc was initiated and taught in ancient India, and popularized by Chanakya. He defined the character of an ideal king, the top level manager. Thus a good manager is one who is not bound to any sector of human activity, either politically or socially. Studying management gives a manager Sectorial Independence, the knowledge to integrate , assimilate , and harmonize all sectors to function as one well-oiled unit. But, to achieve that level of expertise, requires rigorous training, knowledge accumulation, synchronized thinking, positively manipulating technical and human resources. This, added with empathy for fellow workers, and a spirit of leading from the front, is what makes a good manager. The world with its ever-expanding technological explosions is becoming even more complex and dense, requiring modern managers to lift their levels beyond their capacities. Every student walking out of their academia will need disciplined training in management. Commercialization is everything and it is the only bridge between the inventor-producer-expert and the consumer who pays for the benefits. This system of regulating, controlling of means of production and the produce needs people with sharp skills in finance , operations , marketing , human resource , social responsibility. We take example of a Saurav Ganguly, a M.S. Dhoni, who took the Indian team to new heights of glory. That did not happen by individual talent but by effective decision making and fine tuned managerial skills. So you see, no sector is devoid of the requirement of highly effective managers. The current professional and family life requires even more crucial skills of managerial capability. Time is limited in comparisons to the demands of living in this dynamic human village. Academic organizations screen and select the best candidates by their different profiles through the multitude of tests right from the time the student is in the 12th standard. The younger the mind, the better the future manager, because discipline is inculcated best when the body and mind is young. At Career Launcher, we harness this young powers, channelize their raw talents, their endless energy to make them ready with skills to achieve positions in those highly competitive academic organizations, which will churn out the future day empathetic and skilled managers. They are the force who will see that our existence is carried forward into better and far better society and living. You are all experts. Now it is time to fine tune and manage your knowledge and expertise by learning the craft from the masters at Career Launcher.