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    Features & Benefits

    Your Profile will be Evaluated through a Personalised Mentoring Session with assigned mentors.

    Through a follow up Personalised Session with Your assigned mentor, explore different avenues to Build an effective profile - (Summer School, Certifications, Internships, Olympiads and Quizzes etc)

    Session with Your mentor to draft an effective application.

    • Who am I?
    • Why this Course?
    • Where do you see yourself after 10 years?........etc

    You will be asked questions that are drawn from our exhaustive database of questions often asked by the Interviewer.

    Interview session with the CL Mentors from the Leadership Team. CL prepares you in an environment exactly like the real one. Test your skills on most sought based on your profile. Practise till you get it right and land a dream college in a domain of your preference.

    On demand feedback session1 & On demand feedback session 2

    Get a professional feedback and guidance on your interview performance from industry experts. Unlike traditional feedback, CL works as a systematic one-on-one evaluation, keeping in mind your holistic profile - considering academics, extra-curricular achievements and co-curricular skills, aligning them to prospective colleges.

    10+ Sample Papers that simulate the experience for Liberal Arts colleges like Ashoka University, FLAMES, TISS & others. Practice through these Sample Papers that are consistently rated as the closest to the actual exam, by students. Utilize tools such as Drill down analysis, time analysis, impact of incorrect questions, etc., as you analyse in-depth every mock taken, and keep improving your performance.


    • Gautam Puri (GP)



      Known for his wit and style, GP makes the big aptitude easy to trap. From poor grades in school to India's leading Aptitude Guru, GP sure knows how to make things turn around. Watch him, follow him and learn from him, for, he has all the golden rules you would need to crack aptitude.

    • Gautam Bawa



      High on energy, numbers and cricket, he will always hold your attention and interest. Learn with GB the art of cracking all aptitude entrance exams. Watch him solve questions, give whacky solutions and tell you what you need to do to be in your dream B-School. Make sure to make a note of what he has to say. Social media- connect with students.

    • Arks Srinivas



      My single-point belief is that everybody is talented. It's just that, some don't know it.

      I help students believe in themselves. To believe, first, that they are brilliant; and second, that effort is the main determinant of their success.

      My job as a mentor is to give students belief, confidence, tools, and desire.

    Tech requirement

    Anyone with a laptop or a mobile device with a reasonable connection speed can attend the sessions live

    Note: If the student only has a Jio internet connection, he/she will not be able to attend the live Webex classes through it. This is because Webex doesn't recognize Jio as a reliable internet service provider.

    See detailed Technical Requirements

    Note: Below are the system requirements for Mobile App if applicable.

    • Android app works with 4.0+ devices
    • The desktop app needs a system with 2+ GB RAM and 2+ GHz processor
    • Chrome browser (version 36) is mandatory for Desktop app
    • The browser needs Flash player installed to it. Choose browsers that support Flash based on the Operating System that is being used
    • User login and validation is done by the server. So please ensure that you are connected to the internet during the first login
    • Note that you can access course content on only one Laptop/desktop and on only one mobile/tablet. So please login through the devices that you access most
    • Seamless data synchronization (like course completion status, test scores) between desktop and android apps require internet connectivity on both the devices

    Maximum 2 devices (laptop and mobile) are allowed. If you use the services on a 3rd device, your Aspiration account will automatically be blocked and it will take 7 working days to re-activate it To Re-activate the account, you need to contact us by emailing support@careerlauncher.com

    Note: If the student only has a Jio internet connection, he/she will not be able to attend the live Webex classes through it. This is because Webex doesn't recognize Jio as a reliable internet service provider.

    Available fee waivers