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Dear Student,
We at CL believe in a personalised approach to help you crack CAT. It’s about high value contact with students. Direct. Straight. It’s a program like no other. We try to make CAT look like one. Not like an IITJEE, unlike others. With MBA personalised we bring to you an opportunity to get personal, face-to-face coaching and mentoring from the seven founding members for an entire year.

Enrollment to the Founders Batch is by invitation only & through an entrance test!

About MBA Personalised
We are celebrating our 20th anniversary by doing what we love best ¿ coaching you, the bright minds, to conquer your dreams. With MBA personalised we bring to you the opportunity to get personal, face-to-face coaching and mentoring from the seven founding members for an entire year, to help devise your own test strategy and identify your strengths & weakness to maximize your performance. It combines CL’s most sought after classroom program and the power of flipped classroom through Smart CAT Cracker, Test Gym, Test Series & Power PDP.

The following offerings are integral to the classroom program

Smart CAT cracker
SCC delivers over 240 video lessons and solutions to 1600 topic wise questions at your finger tips captured over CL's 20 years of legacy by expert team led by Gautam Puri (GP) and team, the super gurus of aptitude training.

Test Series 
the No.1 CAT Test Series program as claimed by 98.6% students who say "CL Mock is the real CAT or close to it". A favorite among the students CAT Test Series is. It includes 25 Mock CAT with a combination of 15 Invigilated and 10 Un-Invigilated Mock CAT click here for the schedule and 35 Non CAT test series click here for the schedule

Test Gym ¿ Adaptive
'The ultimate revision tool' among students preparing for MBA entrance exams is a reservoir of over 2million questions till date. A survey among CAT aspirants showed better planning, CAT readiness and time management in the students using Test Gym as a preparation tool.

Power PDP
Get privy to the insights of 6 PDP masters who have put their combined experience of over 97+ years to help you crack the second stage of the selection process. Providing tips on what to do and what not to do, how to deal with sticky situations, commonly asked questions, secret mantras of success and never-revealed before GD-PI lessons in 21 power packed sessions spread over 12 hours.

Program Comparision
 Features MBA Personalised MBA Classic
  Teaching by founders only  
  Classroom Sessions
  Smart CAT Cracker  
  Test Gym
  Test Series
  PDP Personalised & Power PDP  

Follow these steps to receive an enrollment invite to MBA Personalised program

  • Step 1- Register for MBA Personalised - Entrance Test for Founder's Batch
  • Step 2-  Proceed to pay the Entrance Test fee-
  • Step 3- Appear for the Entrance Test
  • Step 4-  Appear for a Personalised Interview with Satya or GP

System Requirements:

  • Android app works with 4.0+ devices
  • Desktop app needs system with 2+ GB RAM and 2+ GHz processor
  • Chrome browser (version 36) is mandatory for Desktop app
  • The browser needs Flash player installed to it. Choose browsers that support Flash based on the Operating System that is being used
  • User login and validation is done by the server. So please ensure that you are connected to internet during first login
  • Note that you can access course content on only one Laptop/desktop and on only one mobile/tablet. So please login through the devices that you access most
  • Seamless data synchronization (like course completion status, test scores) between desktop and android apps require internet connectivity on both the devices