• Hard copy books
    • All India Mocks
    • Topic Tests

    Features & Benefits

    Live and Interactive Classes

    • Live interactive sessions for CLAT, AILET and other law entrances
    • Face to Face sessions with LST Experts

    Mock Tests

    • 70 All India Mocks based on actual exam patterns
    • Our extremely popular mock tests ensure good practice, opportunities to identify mistakes, and to improve upon them; so that the real exam seems like just another Mock to you.

    Test Gym

    • Topic Tests and Sectional Tests to Practice
    • The tests help you improve your performance in specific areas

    Books and Material

    • Printed hard copy books provided for adequate practice
    • Highlight, make notes, pose questions, and master the basics of every topic before attendingĀ  the live sessions.

    Doubt Sessions

    • Module wise doubt sessions to ensure you are fully equipped to tackle each section