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FRM® Exam:

Financial Risk management is one of the key areas in finance domain which deals with quantifying and managing the risk associated with a firm, such as credit risk, market risk, operation risk, enterprise risk, investment risk etc. It finds its relevance in almost all the firms in the world owing to the necessity of making calculated risks in any business. Moreover, the remuneration for the jobs that are offered pertinent to this profile are generally high.

FRM® exam is conducted by US GARP, and the syllabus is designed such that it covers all the tools and systems that are necessary to understand the financial risks involved and a practical way to apply that in real life scenarios.

The exam holds a hefty registration fee and a success rate of about 44%, there by making a structured preparation necessary.

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Subjects: FRM® Level 1

  1. Foundation of Risk Management
  2. Quantitative Analysis
  3. Financial Markets and Products
  4. Valuation and Risk Models

Benefits of FRM® Exam:

  1. Financial Risk Manager Exam – Certified by US GARP
  2. Recognized by every major market in the world for risk management
  3. The course holistically develops an individual into a risk professional
  4. Opens the student to a lot of job opportunities – in India as well as abroad in Investment and Commercial Banks, Asset Management Firms, Hedge funds, Insurance Companies, Security Regulators, Credit Rating firms, etc. Main profiles offered are
    1. Risk Manager
    2. Risk Analyst
  5. Acts as a very good value addition to MBA program and professionals who are working in finance domain

This program is ideal for:

  1. Any Graduate
  2. MBA/CA Students
  3. Professionals and Corporates – IT, Banking Finance & Insurance, Analytics

CL FRM Level 1 Preparation Course Components:

  1. FRM® Level 1 complete preparation
  2. Class Timings: 1430 hrs to 1930 hrs (5 Hours)
  3. Venue: CP Centre, Or Online on SIS
  4. FRM® Level 1 – Complete preparation
  5. Preparation for exam to be written on 17th November 2018
  6. 100-120 hours of classroom + online program (studio 8 beaming)
  7. Vast coverage of all the topics
  8. Special sessions organised for doubts and discussions
  9. Students from all over India can attend the session through the online program.

Tests and Mocks:

  1. Topic Tests and mocks will be conducted offline
  2. Topic wise test to be done on all the topics
  3. 3 mock exams to be provided
  4. The test mode is offline since the exam is pen and paper based

Study Material:

  1. Students to purchase study material (Schweiser preparation material from Kaplan)
  2. Contact details of the local distributor shall be provided, if the numbers are substantial (say greater than 10) assistance shall be provided in availing discount



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