• 30+ Proctored & Unproctored CAT Mocks that gives you the taste of Actual CAT Exam
    • Combination of Test Series with questions prepared by IIM Alumni
    • 7500+ practice questions from previous year actual entrance examinations

    The perfect practice and strategy tool for CAT 2020. Crack CAT with Test Gym and CL’s CAT Test, updated and re-calibrated as per the latest CAT pattern. Each mock, crafted by our team of CAT experts, helps you simulate the real CAT experience over and over again. Our Test series also offers CAT %ile predictor and IIM Profilizer.

    If you are unable to attend a Proctored Mock, you can take the same through the comfort of your home.

    Whom is it for?

    • For any CAT aspirant looking forward to prepare with the highly trusted CAT test series to get a realistic understanding of his/her performance.
    • Aspirants willing to understand their strengths and weaknesses with CL’s in-depth analysis.

    Course Components:

    CAT mocks
    (15 proctored, 5 unproctored)
    and 10 Master Series mocks, 8 Test Gym mocks)

    Test Gym – 7500+ questions intelligently mapped with level of difficulty

    • Video attempts of the proctored mocks by CL Gurus- GP, Gejo & CL expert team
    • In-depth analysis of each of the proctored and unproctored mocks.
    • a personalised dashboard: test zone, vocab zone, previous year papers, percentile predictor
    • Test Gym to help you practice topic wise test to improve your weaker areas

    How to use?

    Course Benefits:

    • Simulate the real CAT experience before the actual exam.
    • Performance analysis for every test taken covering every topic and section
    • Test Gym to help you improve your weaker areas
    • .Makes you familiar with structure of different exams.

    Please note:

    • The master series Mocks are 10 hand-picked mocks of last year solved by GP, Gejo, Shivku, Neeraj and GB. This will help you formulate an iron-clad strategy for CAT 2020.

    (CAT 2020 Test Series Schedule)


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