• 110+ Hours of Live Online Classes
    • Simulate the experience of physical classes
    • Face to Face session on the online platform
    • One on one mentoring sessions
    • Access to LSAT - India™ 480
    • Access to 80+ Pre Session Videos
    • Access to 100+ Tests
    • 10 LSAT - India™ Mocks with Analysis
    • Monthly Performance Analysis
    • Get your queries answered anytime/anywhere on the Telegram group

    LSAT Premium is a program designed to help you ace the LSAT Exam and get admission to your dream colleges. In order to prepare for LSAT, Law Entrance has developed a pedagogy which will allow you to extract the most out of the program and help you prepare better:

    Reasons to Join our LSAT Premium Online Program

    Live Interactive Sessions

    Upto 110+ hours of Face-to-face online sessions by top CL-LST mentors (GP, Gejo, Arkss, Suhasini, Siddharth) that simulate the classroom experience along with around 75 sessions which will be a combination of concept sessions, strategy sessions and workshops.

    All India Mocks and Study Material

    With the LSAT Premium, you will get over 10 full length mocks, topic tests and sectional tests along with 4 E-Books to help you develop your concepts.

    One-on-one Mentoring Sessions

    At CL-LST, the performance of every student counts. Our faculty members focus on the individual needs of students; and inspire and encourage them to reach their potential in the form of one-on-one mentoring sessions.

    Aspiration to aid your LSAT preparation

    Aspiration.ai is a powerful online tool that provides analytics-driven performance breakdown of your tests. Along with exam schedules, online tests, GK and weekly legal updates, aspiration has all the features a law aspirant needs for their CLAT preparation.

    A Trusted Name

    With a stellar result in LSAT this year and India’s first official LSAT India Trainer, LST is the first choice for students looking to LSAT


    Category Students

    Rs.175,000 78,750


    Scholarship Offer (Based on 10th Score)

    Rs.175,000 78,750


    Loyalty Offer

    Rs.175,000 78,750