• 60 Hrs Teaching
    • 10 Hrs Aditional Doubt Session
    • 25 Hrs Test
    • Preparation for NTSE & Olympiads
    • Foundation of Class XI & XII
    • E- Books

    The Foundation 1 yr program is a precursor to science and mathematics of class twelve. Broadly, following NCERT topics helps in bridging the conceptual gap between class X to class XII. The program lays an excellent foundation for science and mathematics for students who aspire to take these subjects to the next level in a career-oriented direction like engineering and medical.

    Along with concept and foundation building, it takes care of various scholarship exams like Olympiads and NTSE.

    Subjects taught are class -X Science, Mathematics, Social Science, and Logical Reasoning.

    Taught by experts and rigorous testing are the two significant steps involved.


    • Courseware and Study Material

    The course is curated nicely to enable students to lay a good foundation for science and mathematics in class X, which is a precursor to class XII.

    There are plenty of problems to be solved after every chapter with the answer key.

    The study materials consist of One booklet in E-Book Format

    We keep Major focus on the below-mentioned topics.

    Linear equations

    Real Numbers


    Quadratic Equations




    Heights and Distances


    Practical Geometry

    Statistics and Probability

    Areas of solid Figures

    Areas of Plane figures

    Coordinate Geometry

    • Testing and Assessments

    Rigorous chapter wise test

    Monthly progressive Test, and

    Three full mock tests on the NTSE pattern.

    • Mentoring

    Constant mentoring of the students is done on one to one basis by our esteemed Mentors

    • Parent-Teacher Meetings

    While parents may approach the mentors at any time during the program to discuss the performance of their ward, we will have one scheduled parent, student, and teacher meeting during the program.