• 8 XAT + 5 TISSNET Mocks to help you get acquainted with the pattern and the difficulty level of the exam
  • Test and devise your own exam day strategy
  • Detailed performance analysis
  • Simulate the exam experience 8 times before the exam day

Wish to pursue HR Management from XLRI and TISS, the best HRM institutes in India? Enroll in CL’s XAT + TISSNET Test Series and get a first hand experience of the most coveted exams for an HRM aspirant.

Program Component

  • 8 XAT and 5 TISSNET mocks
  • Detailed and comprehensive performance analysis for each and every mock
  • Level of difficulty similar to the real exams
Program Benefits
  • Get the feel of the real exam before hand
  • Formulate a strategy based on your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Access to Aspiration.ai where one can get updates on issues of national, international and economic importance along with weekly quizzes.

Please Note- Classroom students and students who have purchased any form of Non CAT test series will get only the 4 Mocks of XAT & 2 Mocks of TISSNET as they already have access to rest of the mocks..

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