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    The Research Mentorship Program is a unique program conducted across India for college faculty (Engineering & MBA). The Research Mentorship Program aims to inculcate logical thinking skills in faculty and guide them in presenting their work in International Conferences. It goes beyond psychometric tests by immersing them in their areas of interest, to help them choose their career paths via "first-hand experience"."First-hand experience" is gained by attending conferences and meeting professionals. The Concept Paper can be written on any topic of faculty choice from Engineering, Science, Law, Commerce and Human Sciences.

    Research Mentorship Program

    • Unlimited access to Research Mentorship Program is valid till acceptance is obtained in a National/International Conference
    • Access to all Research Index articles
    • Access to all the samples of the different stages of the Research Mentorship Program
    • Access to Conference Recommender
    • Unlimited Skype/phone sessions with Research Mentors having advanced degrees and portfolio of publications
    • Unlimited requests for one week access to the Deep Dyve platform containing over 10,000 peer reviewed journals
    • Network with the best in your field of interest

    Program benefits:

    • faculty gain deep insight into their aspirational goals
    • Gives platform to faculty to showcase their cutting edge research to global audience
    • Develops problem solving attitude through original thinking, creativity and innovation mindset.

    Steps to access the product
    After successful enrollment, the faculty will receive the username and password via email.

    • The process begins by identifying the topic for the paper. Our Research Index will assist you.
    • Thorough understanding of the present scenario and the existing problem will help you to come out with an innovative solution. To complete the Literature Survey, you will have access to Deepdvye, a pool of 12 million articles and 10,000 peer-reviewed journals.
    • After identifying the topic and scope of research, your mentor shall guide you to design a survey or sketch an innovative idea or write a thorough review paper. Subsequently, the results will be collected and analyzed. The mentor will guide you in writing the discussion based on the results. You can go through the uploaded samples to check the format and style of writing.
    • Research Abstract will be initiated after introduction, literature survey, results and discussions. The abstract is a brief summary, which highlights the important contents of the paper. You can also view the uploaded samples to check the format and style of writing. Most conferences evaluate the abstract for determining acceptance to a conference.
    • You need to start searching for conferences and register for them after your Research Abstract. To guide you through the entire process of Concept Paper Experience, we have the Conference Recommender tool. You can choose the most suitable one from the list of conferences. In case, you need alternative conferences, you may contact your Research Mentor through the “Request for Assistance via Telephone/Skype” link.
    • After getting acceptance from a conference, you need to submit the full paper in the format specified by the conference authorities. You can download the paper format from the conference website.
    • For an oral presentation, you need to make a presentation in PowerPoint. Your mentor will guide you in making the PPT. You can also view the samples uploaded for your reference.

    Product Validity
    12 Months from the date of enrollment