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    GS Foundation (Pre + Main) Video Course aims to prepare aspirants for GS Prelims, GS Main (All 4 Papers). This comprehensive program offers 900+ hours of Recorderd classes by the best of CL faculty from New Delhi. Alongside, strengthen your foundation with the Test Series, Notes & UPSC study material comprising of e- booklets.


    Why Join GS (Pre+Main) Video Course?

    Comprehensive Preparation

    Covers GS ( Prelims & Main), Essay, Current Affairs, Writing Practice & Interview Preparation through 900+ Hours course modules.

    Mentored by the Best of Best

    Attend sessions, learn, clarify your doubts, and get guidance from our Top UPSC Mentors from Delhi.

    Test & Perform

    We ensure that learning, and testing what has been learnt, must go hand in hand. Through regular testing and in-depth evaluation of performance, we prepare you for every stage of the Civil Services exam

    Foundation Building

    Learn step-by-step after building a solid foundation for your knowledge. Start with basics & specially curated orientation sessions. Once the basics are in place, studying advanced topics becomes that much easier.

    Recording of Lectures

    Missed a session? Want to revisit an earlier class for revision? We have made these a cakewalk by offering unlimited access to recordings of all sessions for 1 year.


    Your AI-based 24x7 learning companion. Get access to the latest exam news & notifications, videos, mock tests, strategy sessions and more!

    Know your Mentors

    CL has brought together a Team of expert teachers with revered academic experience. Know their teaching & educational background

    • Anant Tripathi Sir

      History and Art & Culture

      He has experience of 12+ years in UPSC teaching. Anant Sir is an FMS alumnus & have faced UPSC Interview multiple times. His style of teaching history in story-like format is loved by the students & make them remember the complex history concept a cakewalk.

    • Ignacious Loyola Sir

      Polity, International Relation & Internal Security

      He has experience of 15+ years in UPSC teaching. He had tought in various IAS institutions across the country. He uses the alternative method for teaching which helps for easy understanding of the concepts and supports them to enrich answers while writing mains

    • Rajeev Ranjan Sir


      He has experience of 8+ years in UPSC teaching. He is a NIT alumunus & worked in HSBC London. He had appeared UPSC interview 3 times. With his practical exposure of Economy through his various work experience in India & abroad, He makes Economy easier to understand for any student whether you have any previous knowledge or not.

    • M Siva Sakri Mam

      Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude (GS Paper 4)

      She has 9+ year of experience in UPSC Teaching. She had appeared in UPSC interviews Twice. She makes GS paper-4 concepts simpler to understand & remember easily. She is famous among her students for her accurate prediction capabilities of Main exam questions in previous years.

    • Pravin Choubey Sir

      Geography, Current Affairs & Environment

      He has experience of 8+ years in UPSC teaching. He appeared twice in UPSC interviews. His unique style of teaching Geography & Environment through connecting Current affairs is very appreciated by the students.

    • Ambuj Gautam Sir

      Disaster Management & Indian Society

      He is a B. Tech & have 7+ years experience in UPSC teaching. His teaching method of helping students in developing analytical and problem solving skills is very relevant in the present scheme of examination.

    • Preeti Sagar Mam

      Current Affairs & Essay

      She has 7+ years of experience in UPSC teaching & Content Development. She appeared twice in Main exam. She had previously worked with well known UPSC institutes like Vision IAS, Rau's IAS etc.

    • Aparna Aman

      Science & Technology

      She had 5+ Years of Experience in UPSC Teaching & Content Development. She appeared twice in Main exam. She had previously worked with well known UPSC institutes like Vajiram & ravi, Sriram IAS etc.


    1. 900+ hours of recorded Video classes for UPSC 2021
    2. Coverage of full syllabus of GS prelims , GS Main (All 4 papers).
    3. Comprehensive study material comprising e-booklets
    4. All India Prelims Test series for First 50 Enrolments
    5. Subject-wise foundation building and advanced level study
    6. Get taught by best of UPSC mentors
    7. Awesome Result- 6 out of Top 50 All India Rankers were from Career Launcher
    8. Cost-effective and time-saving


    Session Plan- GS (Pre + Main ) Video Course

    Sr.No. Subjects Hours
    1 Modern & World History 90
    2 Ancient& Medieval History 60
    3 Indian Economy 60
    4 Polity & Governance 90
    5 Art&Culture 30
    6 Security & Disaster Management 30
    7 Science & Tech 40
    8 Physical+World Geography 90
    9 Indian Geography 60
    10 Enviornment 60
    11 IR & Current Affairs 150
    12 Ethics 90
    13 Essay 30
      Total 900+

    Note: The Above session plan is indicative. Actual number of Hours may very a little.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Why the Course Fee is very low compared to any other institute?

      CL's objective to offer Online courses is to provide an equal chance to every UPSC aspirant so that every student can get the Top quality learning at a most affordable cost & at any place. We are only charging the Technology cost of bringing the Delhi centre class in an online format. That is why the courses are available at such a low price. Nowhere in the course, we have made any compromise in the delivery whether it is classes, Faculty, Mock test, Study Material etc. You are getting exactly the same course that we run in our Delhi centres.

    • What all is included in GS Video Course?

      GS Video course is a holistic program covering all aspects of Civil services exam. It comprises of preparation for Prelims Exam (GS), Main Exam (All GS Papers), Essay, Interview & Current Affairs.

    • Are classes offline/Online?

      There will be recorded Online classes with 24*7 access & unlimited views for 1 year.

    • Do I get study Material?

      Exhaustive study material in the form of E-books will be provided to enrich the content resource of the candidate. The content is strictly in accordance with the UPSC syllabus. The student will also get Regular current affairs content created by experts from Newspapers, PIB, Govt publications(Yojana, Kurukshetra) & other relevant resources for the next 12 months.

    • How do I practice?

      In GS Video course , you will be part of All India Prelims Test series (First 50 enrolments). Attempt 35 mocks of GS & CSAT for your wholistic practice.

    • Preparation for Preliminary and Main - Separate or Integrated?

      Civil services preparation is an integral process. Although the Preliminary exam is objective and the Main examination is descriptive, one should adopt an integrated approach. Main preparation requires a thorough analysis of information, organizing and presenting information in a coherent and lucid manner. Handling Preliminary exam requires the ability to recollect and the concepts of the subject are also tested. So, a candidate should keep these things in mind during the preparation.

    • Why should I enrol for GS Video course?

      CL's GS Video course gives you a unique chance of getting trained from India's renowned Faculties from the comfort of your home. You will be holistically trained in all areas including GS, CSAT, Essay, Current Affairs & Interview. You also have the option of learning anytime from anywhere through our recorded classes available in your aspiration.ai account. Our student-oriented structured training approach will ensure that you will get the right kind of support to crack Civil Service exam & fulfil your dream of becoming a Civil Servant.


    Online Aspiration.ai
    All those who are part of the program get access to CL's Aspiration.ai. Students can view analyses of their performance and identify strengths and weaknesses. It also an interactive forum where they can get the latest updates from UPSC and another exam related information. Updates on issues of national, international and economic importance along with weekly quiz are also available here.