• Experiential Learning
    • Concept-Focussed Course
    • Live sessions with mentors
    • Fun Quizzes & Assessments Tests
    • Doubt Discussion

    About the Course

    Chemistry is also referred to as a central science because it connects our understanding of basic principles of physics to other natural sciences. The content of this course has been designed keeping in mind the common student misconceptions and errors and strives to explain these in greater depth. 

    This course will introduce students to the key ideas in chemistry:

    • Particulate nature of matter
    • Atoms and molecules
    • Chemical changes
    • Energy

    The learning approach will involve student-prework, mentor session and student post-work and feedback to keep the student at the center during the entire learning process. The course also offers dedicated doubt sessions wherein students can email their doubts to the mentor and enjoy group doubt-clearing sessions!

    A unique concept-focussed course to develop a strong foundational understanding of key ideas in chemistry, this course is a stepping stone for students having a keen interest in Science and want to pursue science as their career option.