• 100 hours of online classes
  • E-books
  • Online mocks
  • 1600+ practice questions
  • Section tests

IPM 2019 Online Classes:

Looking for IPM, DU-JAT preparations from the convenience of your home? Are you worried about not being able to access CL classroom training for any reason(s)? You need not worry. CL brings the classroom experience to your home. Enjoy convenient learning to fit in your busy schedule from the comfort of your home.

  • Access to 50+ Online Sessions of two hours each.
  • Access to Live beamed sessions on specific concepts.
  • Access to E Books
  • Access to SIS- your 24*7 online learning companion with hosts of features including Online Mocks, Test Gym-Topic & Section Test with 1600+questions to practice, Gk updates and more.

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