• Career Counseling
    • Profile Analysis & Goal Setting
    • Essay Guidance
    • LOR Guidance
    • Interview Prep & Mock Interviews


    The Admission Process of ISB is holistic and is based on the following aspects:


    a) Marks in Class-12

    b) Marks in Graduation

    b) Marks in Post-Graduation(wherever applicable)

    b) Certification Scores (wherever applicable)

    Standardized Test:

    Scores in an aptitude-based standardized test

    a) GMAT or GRE

    Applicant Profile:

    The applicant profile is evaluated through the following parameters

    a) Leadership Potential (Ability to inspire people to rally for a cause/outcome)

    b) Initiative (The ability to assess and initiate things independently)

    c) Innovation & Resourcefulness

    d) Career Progression

    e) Impact

    Personal Attributes:

    The personal attributes are evaluated through the following parameters

    a) Perspective (Ability to bring different perspective to a situation)

    b) Extracurricular Activities

    c) Interest beyond work

    d) Diversity

    The Admission Consulting - ISB Comprehensive Program includes multiple one-to-one sessions with the mentor. All the document submission deadlines would be set by the admission consulting team and the aspirants are expected to abide by them for timely completion & a stress-free progress of the program.

    This product will give you the following:

    Counselling & Support

    (D) Career Counselling & Goal Clarity

    (E) Skill Gap Analysis

    (F) Brain Storming Sessions

    Guidance & Review

    (G) Guidance for Essays

    (H) Guidance for LORs

    Admin & Interviews

    (I) Final Application Review

    (J) Interview Concepts

    (K) Mock Interviews