• Internship certificate
    • Financial Market Knowledge

    Career Launcher presents you with a golden opportunity to expand your knowledge & enhance your competence through this comprehensive set of modules which will help you build an understanding about the vivid aspects of the prevailing financial markets.

    Who is this for?

    All Undergrads in 1st, 2nd years who are looking for meaningful internship work.

    Advantages :

    • Gives you an Internship certificate
    • Financial Market knowledge would grow manifold.
    • Better skills to get placed in FInancial Organisations at the end of your graduation.

    What is the scope of the Internship?

    This 30-hour training and internship programme creates a rich knowledge base on financial markets.

    It consists of two modules -

    • Financial Markets Module (24 hr)
    • Quants/Machine Learning Module (4hr)


    The intern is expected to apply the theoretical concepts learnt in the module while working on the research project.

    In the end, the Intern will make a Project Submission, a Presentation.

    What do you get?

    An internship certificate from CL Educate fo this programme.

    **This internship has been evaluated and certified by AICTE as a part of the NEAT scheme.