• Research Paper Publishing
    • Holistic Profile Building
    • GRE
    • Test Prep
    • Mock Interviews
    • SOP & LOR
    • Visa & Financial Counselling

    The intense competition to be selected for studying a good Master’s Program in one of the Western countries / universities means you compete with aspirants from all over the world and it becomes imperative that your college applications portray your profile in the best possible light, highlighting your achievements and outlining your future goals, and distinguishing yourself clearly from other aspirants. It also necessitates that as a student, you should apply, in a very targeted way, to programs that fit you as an applicant / aspirant based on your interests, profile and skill sets.

    Making informed choices and selecting the right program and the university helps maximize your probability of admission. It also optimizes the time you would spend on applications. To achieve help this goal, you need to seek the support of an Admission Consultant who can help you through the entire process - making correct decisions, submitting the best application set, presenting yourself in a distinguished way, navigating the complexities of visa and guiding through the financial procedures! This is where an expert Admission Consulting Provider such as Career Launcher can help play a vital and indispensable role.

    The overall Test Prep Pathway Program includes 100 sessions (each lasting 60-minutes) of tutoring. The plan is tailor-made to help the student clear the standardized tests both well and on time. 75 hours for GRE, and 25 hours for TOEFL / IELTS is how the 100 hours of this program would be spent.

    The overall Application Consulting Pathway Program includes 50 one-to-one sessions (each lasting 60-minutes) apart from the online interactions with the mentor. All the document submission deadlines would be set by the admission consulting team and the aspirants are expected to abide by them for timely completion & a stress-free progress of the program.

    This product will give you the following:


    (A) GRE Quant + Verbal - Tutoring -

    (B) TOEFL & IELTS - Tutoring + FLTs

    We will spend 75 hours helping you prepare for mastering the GRE pattern, both in Quant and Verbal, while also devising strategies to ace the exam.

    We will also help you prep for the TOEFL or IELTS exams (one of your choice, based on your destination goals) and help you be familiarized with the exam pattern! The TOEFL/IELTS Test Prep would take up another 25 hours, including for the mock tests.

    Both GRE & TOEFL/IELTS Test Prep efforts come with mock FLTs that should help you be ready for the D-Day.


    (C) Career Counselling & Goal Clarity

    (D) Skill Gap Analysis

    (E) Support in College Selection

    (F) Brainstorming Sessions

    A comprehensive assessment of your profile assessment is conducted - which considers your standardised test scores, an evaluation & refinement of career goals, the desired program and specialization, your financial bandwidth, your historical research background & research aptitude, all your past projects, achievements and experiences, along with any location preference!

    Based on the profile assessment done, feedback is shared about steps to be taken to polish the profile as well as career goals. Considering your profile, standardised test scores and long-term plans, a shortlist of 12 universities is shared with you that we believe best suit your profile!

    The universities are divided into three categories – Dream, Reach and Safe:

    * Dream - truly competitive for the student based on his/her profile

    * Reach - matching the student’s profile and scores

    * Safe - the student’s profile & scores exceed the universities’ requirementx


    (G) Guidance for SOP (or) Essays

    (H) Guidance for Résumé & LORs

    (I) Guidance for Scholarship Essay

    (J) Guidance in final School selection

    Detailed brainstorming session for identifying goals, examples, themes, qualities, and achievements to be showcased in the written documents (essays/SOP, LORs, résumé, etc.). Critiquing of documents written and providing feedback for improvement are the next steps in the effort to make the application a stand-out one.

    Advice on editing of documents in terms of content, structure, tone and grammar is where we support in. We, however, would like to make it clear that we don't not write the essays for you. The ad-com members are sharp and experienced enough to notice the difference between an experienced counselor's essay versus a student's essay.


    (K) Document Compilation

    (L) Final Review

    (M) Interview Concepts

    (N) Three Mock Interviews

    We help you with a thorough review of the online application forms prior to submission, to avoid any errors. We also support you in providing information about documents to submit and the medium (soft / hard copy) through which you would need to submit them. We also advise on the samples of the financial document forms required by the shortlisted universities!

    We also take you through a series of mock interviews to help you get up to speed on the interview process. As a team that has helped people qualify for hyper-competitive institutes by a Personality Development Program, we believe we can help you with a thorough effort of prepping for the critical interview!


    (O) Research Paper Publishing

    (P) Project Work or Internship

    (Q) Industrial Training

    (R) Additional Qualifications / Courses

    Profile Building will be applicable for students who get enrolled at least 6 months prior to the R1 deadlines as part of the regular Admission Consulting process. It will include:

    (i) Strengthening your profile by suggesting research work (or) papers (or) projects (or) internships (or) industrial training (or) extracurricular activities (or) extra courses that would work best for a program;

    (ii) Portraying your research quotient in the very edifying manner by showing interest in the field, displaying relevant experience and exhibiting the potential to handle research projects in the future;

    (iii) Guiding & nudging you to formulate your career goals, through a process that provides you the correct thought process and shares with you all the relevant & beneficial sources of information about the field;

    (iv) Helping build your profile in a way as to attract the attention of the ad-com, by submitting a stand-out application leverages our expert knowledge and eye for detail;


    (S) Financial Counseling

    (T) Visa Counseling

    Financial Assistance Counseling is a service we offer to help you identify the viable financing opportunities available while pursuing your Masters.These include:

    (i) Assistantships: Graduate Assistantship, Research Assistantship, Teaching Assistantship or Tuition Waivers

    (ii) Fellowships / Scholarships: Scholarships from Universities, External Agencies like Trusts or Indian / Global Organizations

    (iii) Loans: Bank Loans to suit your financial situation & educational needs, clarifying about the eligibility criteria of the banks, the margin of loan granted, rate of interest, and the supporting documents required

    Information and instructions for booking Visa dates with the specific country's embassy, guidance on paying the relevant fees for the Visa and SEVIS, help in filling the Visa application forms for the chosen country, information about necessary Visa documents, and mock Visa interview sessions - are all part of the Visa Counseling services we offer.