• Lucid and comprehensive text
    • Prepared as per the latest GATE and Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch) syllabus
    • Solved papers of 2017, 2018, 2019 and UPSC Assistant Architect solved paper
    • Numerical and theoretical type practice questions to enhance learning
    The text has been prepared meticulously considering both the recent syllabus for GATE Architecture and the B. Arch syllabus of a few prominent Universities in the country along with a thorough review of all the past GATE question papers. The in-depth text will help in developing a foundational understanding of streams and theories such as urban design, landscape, urban planning, transport planning, building services, building construction and management. The reader of this book empowered with extensive knowledge on the subject matter can not only clear most advanced competition exams but be a better and more learned future professional. The book comes with an additional set of practice questions to develop skills and enhance learning.