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    Get Certified in the Russian Language with Career Launcher.

    Russian Language - A Background

    Russian is the most widely spoken language in Eurasia and the eighth-most spoken language in the world. The other dialects or near cousins of Russian include  Tartar, Ukrainian,  Bhasir, Mordvin and many more but if you know the Russian language you can survive in any part of the CIS country also.

    How different is this language from any other language?  Say, English?

    Out of 33 letters in the Russian alphabet, about 10 % of the script is similar to English. However, there are many letters that would be unfamiliar. The good part about this wonderful language is that the moment you know the alphabet you can start reading any text. As far as the spoken is concerned, you will start speaking in a couple of weeks if you follow the prescribed approach in our program. 

    Who all could benefit from this program?

    Anyone above 12 years can get benefitted out of this module which is made in a such a way that multiple categories of learners can also be benefitted like people who are keen in learning a foreign language, or a businessman who wants to set up a business and is a regular traveller, or medical students who go to Russia to do medicine, or for the hospitality industry in India. This can be a quick start guide to conversational Russian to the following Target group

    • Anyone who is interested in learning foreign language.
    • Students who wish to pursue medicine in Russia – Russian language is compulsory
    • Businessmen- who travel frequently to Russia and CIS countries,
    • Tourist travellers to Russian and CIS countries
    • Language orientation for simple translators for tourists, medical patients.

    Program Details

    This product basically focuses on the Russian language with many facets. The program has 3 Levels.

    1) Level -1 conversation - (spoken and listening Program )

    Only for day to day conversation

    Duration: 35 Hours – 40 Hours

    2) Level-2 Conversation: For Businessmen, Guides - in Russia which requires little more than basic knowledge .here we can focus on custom clearance, passport, hotel reservations, taxi food and restaurant, Russian cuisine etc

    Duration: 30 Hours – 35 Hours

    3) Level-3 conversation: Interpreters - India being a hub for hospital tourism we also have people coming for treatment so they look for good translator throughout their stay in hospital which is anything from 15 days to 3 months of stay here.so we can have medical vocabulary here.

    Duration:  30 Hours – 35 Hours

    How do the classes take place?  Where will the classes happen?

    Online is the new classroom.  Cloud is the new residence for all our top-grade teachers and excited students.  They all work and have fun from the comforts of their homes.   We also socialize and have quizzes on video webinars.  In fact, if for any reason if the session is missed by you, you can access your sessions at your convenience by logging into your credentials at aspiration.ai

    Moreover, you can visit and re-do your session any number of times until you gain proficiency over language or spellings or punctuations or even accents.

    Of course, we organize get-togethers where we meet, greet, party and go back.  We don’t work when we meet.  That is for pure fun and coffee and more 😊


    When do the classes happen?

    A specific schedule will be made Live and made known to you are the time of enrolment. However, 24X7 access of the library of videos is always at your fingertips.

    This being online classes and does not need any king of our physical movement out of the house. Timings can be very flexible. early morning to late night .but its always better to fix up time because it will be easier to cater to all the students without any hassles.


    Faculty and other learning details

    After finishing her Post Graduation in philosophy from Delhi University She did her Advance diploma in the Russian Language in 1990 -1992 from Russain cultural centre on  Feroz Shah Road, New Delhi.  She have extensive, hands-on and real-world experience with Russian including working at the Uzbekistan Embassy in the 1990s and then being a translator, trainer and business guide to industries and companies that had strong exposure to Russia and central Asian republics. 

    How do I get started?

    The programme can start as early as student registers. A student can have demo class at his convenient time then once his registration is confirmed sessions can be started as per his interest module. The main benefit of distance learning is flexibility as you can choose the time of the lesson.