• Live and interactive recorded classes
    • 10+ hour Live Online recorded sessions
    • 5 sessions dedicated for different topics
    • Ideal for students who want to start the journey in finance

    Basics of Investment Management

    This course will equip you with basic knowledge about Investment Management & Financial Risk Management.

    Duration: 5 sessions of 10 hoursĀ 

    Learning mode: Faculty-led Online

    Eligibility: Anyone who wants to explore Financial Risk Management & Investment Banking

    Topics that will be covered:

    1. Fundamentals of Risk
    2. We will cover the Fundamentals of Risk Management in Interest Rates, Currencies, Commodities
    3. Equity Markets
      Basics of Fundamental Analysis (Valuation, etc.)
      Basics of Technical Analysis
    4. Derivatives as a Risk Management Tool
      Options & Options Strategies and much more