• Before you make the decision about which stream you want to pursue, it is important to understand the role that each stream plays in the world today. With Genwise, you will gain the information need to make the right decision for you.

    About the Course:

    For students in Grades 8, 9, 10, from any Board (CBSE/ IB/ IGCSE/ ICSE, etc.)

    The world around us and most of the challenges that we may face in the future, as a planet, cannot be broken down into neat compartments of sciences and humanities. This course will help students appreciate how multiple perspectives from diverse fields (e.g. Science, Engineering, Sociology, History, Law, Psychology etc.) are needed to respond to complex situations- using real-life examples. It will also help the learners clarify their interests and passions thereby enabling them to make an informed career decision. 

    Course Objectives:

    • Break the watertight compartmentalization of STEM and Humanities
    • Understand the learner’s passion and interest in various disciplines
    • Enable the learners to develop an integrated view of realities from different perspectives

    Register before the course commencement and do away with the confusion between the STEM and Humanities disciplines’ by understanding your passions and interests!