• 30 hrs of Teaching Sessions
    • 5 LSAT specific Mocks


    The LSAT-India is a test of reasoning and reading skills, not a test to see whether you happened to have memorized the right facts or equations. The theory behind the LSAT-India is democratic and inclusive. It holds that students acquire critical thinking skills over their educational lifetimes, and that these skills are the most important for the study of law. Good critical thinking skills may be acquired in virtually any educational programme anywhere so long as it is rigorous and of high quality. Thus, no training in any specific field or set of fields is required to do well on the LSAT-India. The test rewards candidates with generalised abilities adaptable to a variety of circumstances.

    LSAT-India is a test of reading and reasoning skills designed by US-based LSAC-Law School Admission Council. The test is different from other Law entrances as it focuses on one’s ability to reason out things.

    LSAT-India is accepted by more than 40 colleges in India to admit students to their five year or three year Law Programs.

    Total No. of Hours: 50

    Total No. of Mocks: 5

    Course Benefits:

    • Dedicated classroom sessions along with Mocks
    • In Class Analysis of Mocks. Get assisted by Faculty to know your strength/weaknesses
    • Dedicated Strategy Sessions