• Complete Class wise Coverage of NCERT books
    • Class by Renowned UPSC Mentors
    • Aspiration.ai 24*7 access
    • E-Books- NCERT Compilations
    • Class Notes
    • Interview Guidance

    Every Year 25-30 questions comes in UPSC Exam from NCERTs

    Join our NCERT program & Increase your chances to crack prelims exam

    Leave no stone unturned

    The program aims to prepare students for NCERT based foundation concepts. This program will help students to start their UPSC preparation by covering the basic concepts of NCERT books. This comprehensive program offers 150+ hours of Video classes by the best of CL faculty from New Delhi

    Programme Details:

    • Target Exam Year - 2021/2022/2023
    • Coverage of all NCERT books as per UPSC exam syllabus
    • Course Duration - 150+ Hours

    Program Features:

    • Video classes by Renowned Delhi Faculties
    • Complete coverage of NCERT books for Civil services Exam
    • Foundation building of all important topics
    • Class Notes
    • Student portal access for 1 year
    • E books- NCERT compilations
    • Mentorship for Interview (Personality Test) preparation