• AI is the future that our technology is advancing towards. With the Understand AI Program, you will understand what an AI truly is, what are its strengths and weaknesses and how it will affect the world around us.

    About The Course

    For students in Grades 8, 9, 10, from any Board (CBSE/ IB/ IGCSE/ ICSE, etc.)


    Artificial Intelligence is changing the world around us. It is crucial to have a deep understanding of what AI is to better prepare ourselves for a new shift that is underway! This course, while giving a high-level introduction of AI to the learners will address the following questions:

    • What are Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
    • How is it different from normal software and computers
    • An overview of the most important different approaches to AI
    • How they work (brief intuitive/conceptual overviews only)
    • What types of problems they're best suited for, and
    • What are some current applications that they're being used for
    • The weaknesses of AI and 
    • The problems caused by inappropriate use of AI


    Course Objectives


    • Deep dive into the newest revolution in the tech-world brought by Artificial Intelligence 
    • Understand the scope of AI
    • Learn about the strengths and weaknesses of AI


    An extremely relevant course in recent times, this course will enable you to explore the technology that drives today’s world.