• 350+ hours of intensive residential program experience
    • 150+ classroom sessions focusing on CAT and other Indian MBA entrance exams
    • Additional 30+ extra classes per session of weakness and 50+ sessions on communication and personality development
    • 22 books (Fundamental books, solution books, and section test booklets for DILR, VL, and more)
    • 30 CAT Mocks, 35+ Non-CAT Mocks, 7500+ questions with varied difficulty levels, along with 8 full-length CAT Mocks
    • CAT Percentile Predictor, PDP Planned, webinars, SIS, etc.

    A residential program designed for B-school aspirants looking to prepare for their MBA entrance exams without having to worry about issues like food, accommodation, safety, etc. Gain personalized guidance from gurus, who have nurtured the best of B-school aspirants; and experience learning like never before.

    Program Features

    • 350+ hours of intensive residential-program experience
    • 150+ classroom sessions focusing on CAT and other entrance exams into B-schools in India
    • 30+ extra classes targeting areas of weakness, and solidifying concepts
    • 50+ sessions on enhancing communication skills and personality development
    • 22 books: Fundamental books, solution books, and section-test booklets for DILR, VL, and more
    • 30 CAT Mocks: 15 Proctored and 5 Un-proctored CAT mocks, along with 10 Master series mocks
    • 35+ Non-CAT Mocks, created on the basis of the recent pattern
    • 7500+ questions intelligently mapped with level of difficulty, along with 8 full-length CAT Mocks
    • 275+ Smart CAT Cracker videos to enable a smart approach to question solving
    • Access to PDP Planned to help prepare for the next stage of the B-school selection process
    • Access to CAT Percentile Predictor, webinars, SIS, etc

    Program Benefits

    • Re- define your learning experience with personalized guidance by the finest CL faculty members
    • Monitor your progress; and track your goals with weekly test sessions
    • Tests conducted in a simulated environment to address any exam-day anxiety
    • Benchmark your performance across test takers with diverse profiles, across the country
    • Drill-Down analysis for each test taken, covering each topic and section
    • Get more than sufficient practice for tackling all types of Mocks, as per the anticipated CAT pattern
    • Decipher the test-taking strategy of a CAT topper with CL gurus, as they attempt all mocks just like a CAT topper would!
    • Test Gym to help you practise concepts; and be CAT ready
    • Get acquainted with the actual difficulty level of other MBA entrance exams, with our non-CAT Test Series