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    • 35 Comprehensive Tests for JEE MAIN, JEE Advanced and BITSAT
    • Questions handpicked by Industry Experts
    • Recorded Video Solutions for each Test
    • Advanced Analytics of your performance after every Test

    Test your knowledge and compete with your peers at an all India level with our Premium JEE Test Series. Practice with 15 tests of JEE Main on the new pattern released by NTA. In addition to 15 JEE Main Tests, you also get 7 JEE Advanced Tests, 10 MH-CET Tests as well as 3 BITSAT Tests. Measure your performance with advanced analytics on our testing platform which will help you check your accuracy & timings. Finally, watch our expert JEE faculty solve each question of the mock tests with recorded video solutions that teach you the shortest and fastest way to solve the problems. With our JEE Test Series, you will be able to match the level of JEE and can practice how to manage time in the actual exam.

     Whom is it for?             

    • Class 12 & Repeater Class 12 students who are going to give the JEE Main, JEE Advanced or BITSAT in 2020.


    Course Components:

    • 15 JEE Main Mock Tests
    • 7 JEE Advanced Mock Tests
    • 10 MH-CET Mock Tests
    • 3 BITSAT Mock Tests
    • Recorded Video Solutions for each mock test


    Course Benefits:

    • Comprehensively cover the entire JEE syllabus by giving all the tests.
    • Get used to the new JEE Main pattern
    • Know where you stand against candidates across the country
    • Understand where you can improve your timing & accuracy with advanced analytics after every test
    • Learn to solve questions quickly by watching video solutions of every mock by expert JEE faculty.

    Here is the schedule of the JEE Main Test Series-

    S.No Title Date Format
    JEE Main 2020
    1 JEE Main Mock 1 1 Nov Online
    2 JEE Main Mock 2 11 Nov Online
    3 JEE Main Mock 3 21 Nov Online
    4 JEE Main Mock 4 1 Dec Online
    5 JEE Main Mock 5 1 Dec Online
    6 JEE Main Mock 6 21 Dec Online
    7 JEE Main Mock 7 1 Jan Online
    8 JEE Main Mock 8 1 Jan Online
    9 JEE Main Mock 9 1 Feb Online
    10 JEE Main Mock 10 11 Feb Online
    11 JEE Main Mock 11 2 Feb Online
    12 JEE Main Mock 12 11 March Online
    13 JEE Main Mock 13 21 March Online
    14 JEE Main Mock 14 1 Apr Online
    15 JEE Main Mock 15 1 Apr Online
    JEE Advanced 2020
    1 JEE Advanced Mock 1 16 Nov Online
    2 JEE Advanced Mock 2 16 Dec Online
    3 JEE Advanced Mock 3 20 Apr Online
    4 JEE Advanced Mock 4 21 Apr Online
    5 JEE Advanced Mock 5 22 Apr Online
    6 JEE Advanced Mock 6 23 Apr Online
    7 JEE Advanced Mock 7 24 Apr Online
    1 BITSAT Mock Test 1 20-Apr Online
    2 BITSAT Mock Test 2 21-Apr Online
    3 BITSAT Mock Test 3 22-Apr Online



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    The validity of the Program is May 31, 2020


    JEE Admit Card 2020



    Scholarship Offer based on 10th & 12th Marks



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