• 60 hours LIVE online sessions
    • Get ready for a rewarding Financial career
    • Intensive Virtual Classroom Program
    • In-depth Course Coverage

    Career Launcher presents you with a golden opportunity to expand your knowledge & enhance your competence through this comprehensive set of modules which will help you build an understanding about the vivid aspects of the prevailing financial scenario. NSE’s Derivatives Program is a rigorous testing & certification program which introduces you to the basics of finance including deep functionality & intricate technicalities of the financial domain.

    Understanding the financial industry and its dynamics is in itself a complex manoeuvre. Therefore, Career Launcher’s NSE Certification Prep Program not only covers the module specifications of the certification course but also imparts practical knowledge by the way of real time technical analysis and stocks’ scrutiny. Various case studies from the history of finance will be dealt with and delved further into. The classes seek to get you to be ready for a world of financial analysis that will kindle your interest in the field of finance & derivatives.

    What you will get?

    (1) 60-hours of LIVE classroom sessions (Beamed to CL Centers)

    (2) Twice a week

    (3) Two hours a day (5 pm to 7 pm)

    Study Structure

    NCFM Course Outline

    A: Derivatives Trading

    B: Forwards

    C: Futures & Options

    D: Regulatory Frameworks

    E: Clearing Corporations & Counter-parties

    Study Structure

    Additional Knowledge

    F: Risk Models

    G: Fundamental Analysis

    H: Technical Analysis

    I: Exposure to LIVE Trading Sessions

    J: Study of major asset classes – Equity, Currency & Commodities