• Profile Building
    • College Selection
    • Application Process (5-colleges)
    • Scholarship Process
    • Interview Coaching

    Career Launcher’s MBA Admission Consulting program is committed to ensure the best possible colleges (given a student’s profile) are suggested.

    Our experts take into account the following:

    (1) a student’s accomplishments (both extracurricular and academic),

    (2) the student's preference of country,

    (3) the student's preference of course,

    (4) the student & his/her family's financial capability, and

    (5) the possible / actual entrance test scores before making a suggestion.

    Our back-end team does in-depth research for fitment of a profile vs college that is to be suggested. We hand-hold the student throughout the entire admission process ensuring all queries are answered promptly and processes are completed well before deadlines.

    The entire program can be broadly split into the following 6 modules:

    Module 1: Profile Building & Brainstorming

    The agenda of this module is for the mentor to understand the student completely and build a profile. This usually begins by assessing the strengths and weakness, taking into account various parameters such as academic excellence, extracurricular achievements, work experience and its diversity contribution etc.

    Once this is done, the next part of this module is to build the kind of profile that an MBA colleges accepts. This part requires brainstorming sessions to get to know the student’s strengths and weaknesses. This module will also be used by the mentor to help the student explore various college and course options by intimating on seminars conducted by college, participation in chat sessions etc.

    Each interaction will have a take-away and a work to be completed before the next interaction is setup. This module is expected to last for 1 month with 3 interactions in total.

    Module 2: College Selection

    Following the brainstorming sessions in Module 1, the mentor will then work on college fitment and course selection. This module requires a number of inputs from the student as each student’s requirement is different.

    While some may have financial constraints, some might have academic weaknesses. Some may already have a good GMAT/GRE score (or strongly believe to get one) while some may prefer selected destinations. Keeping all these constrains in mind, the mentor will suggest a list of 15 colleges to the student. The student is then to decide either three, five or eight colleges to finally apply (the admission consulting package chosen by student will determine 3/5/8 colleges).

    This module is expected to last for 1 month with 4 interactions in total.

    Module 3: Applicaton Process

    Each of the colleges finally selected for applying in the Module 2 by the student would have a list of things (essays, SoPs, etc.) to be submitted. A comprehensive mapping of colleges will be done where each college’s requirement will be listed out. The mentor will support in getting the student to finish these list of things.

    The most common of these would be to first write a compelling SoP. We, in Career Launcher, as an organization do not believe in ‘ghost writing’. Our mentors sit down with students, guiding them and nudging them to make sure the SoP is written in the language of the student but yet contains the reasons that B-Schools look for in aspirants. Our mentors do this by giving different ideas to write a SoP, evaluate the work done by student and go through multiple iterations till a satisfactory SoP is produced

    Apart from the SoP, each college asks for some conventional or unconventional essays to be written. The mentors take the students through the essence of an essay, its purpose and what it should deliver to a B-School's admissions officer. Finally, no application process is complete without the resume.

    This module is expected to last for 2 months or more depending on the package (3 or 5 or 8 colleges) chosen by the student, with 10-20 interactions in total.

    Module 4: Scholarship Process

    This module begins by listing down all the possible scholarships a student can get given his/her background and score. Usually the scholarships are a function of exam score, academic achievement if ‘merit-based’ and based on income level of family if ‘need-based’. There are also scholarships that are given based on courses pursued.

    Given all these parameters, the mentor identifies the best possible scholarships to apply and sits with the student to get the task completed. Each scholarship might again have essay writing etc., as a part of its application process.

    This module is expected to last for 1 month with 3 interactions in total.

    Module 5: Interview Coaching

    All good MBA schools have an interview process in person or over Skype. We have a group of professionals who excel in training students for interviews.

    The module begins with an introductory session on B-School interviews, followed by mock interviews. Each mock interview will be followed by a pointed feedback on steps to be taken and areas to be improved. Subsequent interviews will focus on areas of improvements with a close eye on progress of student in areas identified.

    This module is expected to last for 2 months with 5 interactions in total.