• Online Sessions: 62 classes each of 2hrs
    • Basic building: clarity of fundamentals of each topic
    • Free All India Prelims Test series (GS+CSAT) worth Rs. 699 for First 200 Enrolments
    • 1 Year access with unlimited views

    CL's CSP Paper 2(CSAT) Video Course aims to prepare aspirants for rigorous aptitude testing involved in Civil Services Preliminary Examination. The pedagogy of this course is such that it provides ample opportunities to develop an understanding of concepts and practice as much as possible. Despite the qualifying nature this exam, it creates a lot of challenges in UPSC Prelims and according to trend analysis, level of paper is going up. So, we will guide you for building the fundamental.  



    • Recorded Sessions: 62 classes each of 2hrs
    • According to the changing nature of exam pattern.
    • Class exercise for each class
    • Basic building: clarity of fundamentals of each topic.
    • Unlimited views for 1 year
    • Free All India Prelims Test series (Paper 1 + Paper 2) worth Rs. 699 (First 200 Enrolments only)
    • Develop the technique to solve MCQ
    • Syllabus completion in a time-bound manner


    • Topic-wise foundation building,
    • Get taught by best Aptitude mentors
    • Comprehensive coverage of entire syllabus in timebound manner
    • anytime, anywhere access through career launcher app
    • All India Prelims Test Series
    • Awesome Result- AIR 1- 2017, AIR 1 and AIR 2 -2015 were from Career Launcher


    Online Aspiration.ai
    All those who are part of the program get access to CL's Aspiration.ai. Students can view analyses of their performance and identify strengths and weaknesses. It also an interactive forum where they can get the latest updates from UPSC and another exam related information. Updates on issues of national, international and economic importance along with weekly quiz are also available here.