• Gk Publication’s SSC JE Online Test Series is a series of 10 online mock tests. This test series with its in-depth coverage of questions from all the sections of the syllabus would serve as the best solution to polish your exam preparation with its detailed reports and progress analysis.  Moreover as this is an online examination, here you can also experience a similar environment which would aid in better time management and performance with the following criteria:

    Exact Exam Pattern                                                                

    • Pattern and marking scheme as the actual exam
    • Online Scientific Calculator
    • Test with timeframe of 3 hours
    • Questions from all the sections based on previous years’ analysis

    Detailed Reports

    • Personal Progress Analysis: Know your progress compared to your previous tests
    • Comparative Analysis: Know you exam rank among the other test takers on the portal
    • Sectional-wise analytics: Know your area of strengths and weaknesses
    • Time based Analytics: Know how your given time can be managed efficiently in comparison with toppers

    Test Series Schedule:

    Full Syllabus Tests Schedule
    Mock Test 1 200 1/7/2017
    Mock Test 2 200 22/07/2017
    Mock Test 3 200 19/08/2017
    Mock Test 4 200 9/9/2017
    Mock Test 5 200 30/09/2017
    Mock Test 6 200 14/10/2017
    Mock Test 7 200 14/10/2017
    Mock Test 8 200 11/11/2017
    Mock Test 9 200 25/11/2017
    Mock Test 10 200 6/12/2017