• 60 Sessions of Science, Maths, English & SST (Concept & Explanation)
    • Practise sheet provide after each Session
    • 78 doses of quizzes
    • 60 minutes daily with on-demand video lessons
    • 4 Full Syllabus Test (Based on the actual test pattern)
    • 27X7 LIVE Doubt Solving

    CL brings you an intensive online fast-paced program for Maharashtra FYJC CET 2021. This program helps you in developing the precise skills that are needed to ace the exam- MH FYJC CET 2021.

    How MH FYJC CET 2021 Fast-Paced Program works

    It is result-oriented

    Minimum Time, Maximum Outcome: The course is designed to align your Preparation with MH FYJC CET 2021 requirements in the least possible time.


    It focuses on "how"

    The course is not just about "what to do", but it is more about "how to do" by develops the precise skills that are required to Ace the MH FYJC CET 2021


    It has a great design

    The lesson plan is carefully created to build the necessary skillset in a systematic manner