• 100 hours of live online lectures
  • 181 video lessons
  • 78 All India Mocks
  • Test Gym
  • E-Books
  • SIS

IPM 2019 Online Classes + Smart IPM Cracker + Test Series +Test Gym

  • Access to 50+ Online Sessions of two hours each.
  • Access to Smart IPM Cracker-181 Video Lessons by CL Experts.
  • Access to 78 All India Mock Tests with detailed analysis and performance benchmarking.
  • Access to Test Gym.
  • Access to Live beamed sessions on specific concepts.
  • Access to E Books
  • Access to SIS- your 24*7 online learning companion with hosts of features including Online Mocks, Test Gym-Topic & Section Test with 1600+questions to practice, Gk updates and more.

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