• Revise your Art & Culture in 20 Hours
    • Indian Painting, Music, Dance Theater, Cinema
    • Language, Literature, Religion, philosophy, Architecture etc,
    • aspiration.ai
    • 2 All India Mock test on Arts & Culture
    • 6 month unlimited Access to recorded classes(For Enrolments under Freedom Offer (Rs. 75)- Course validity will be 750 Hours only.)

    Leave no stone unturned

    The program aims to prepare students for Art & Culture based Exam questions. This program will help students to learn or revise Art & Culture's Important topics by covering the basic concepts as per UPSC CSE Exam pattern. This comprehensive program offers 20 hours of classes by the best of CL faculty from New Delhi.

    Programme Details:

    • Target Exam Year - 2021
    • Coverage of Art & Culture as per UPSC exam syllabus
    • Course Duration - 20 Hours

    Topics Covered:

    • Indian Paintings
    • Indian Music
    • Indian Dances
    • Indian Theatre
    • Indian Cinema
    • Indian language and literature
    • Architecture and sculptures
    • Religion and philosophy
    • Arts and crafts
    • Indo Islamic culture