• 10+ Books Covering complete CSAT Syllabus
    • Material developed by CL Aptitude Gurus
    • Comes with Free aspiration.ai
    • Dispatch within 3 days of order.

    If the Civil Services exam is on your mind, trust the choice of 88% of students who find CL content to be good/very good /excellent. The GS Paper 2 (CSAT) courseware is exhaustive and is being updated every year based on the changes in the actual examination. The R&D team consists of members with brilliant academic records. The comprehensive reference material consists of 10+ books for concept building and practice.

    Books and Material details:

    • Printed books and material, being dispatched in 3 packets as per details below.

    • Concepts explained in detail followed by practice questions both solved and unsolved.

    • Practice questions graded for difficulty level.

    • Access to learner management system (SIS) and online content and quizzes on General Knowledge.

    • Online support for doubt handling through email.

    • Material dispatched through reputed courier.

    Program benefits: 

    • Focused and updated study material: The content is being updated regularly and has been prepared on the CSAT examinations, which ensures the learner studies only the relevant topics.

    • Detailed solution for all practice questions ensures that the learner is able to get his doubts clarified.

    • Online Support, ensures that help is available 24/7

    • Time bound delivery through reputed courier ensures less delays and material reaching in good condition.

    • Packetized: This ensures that the learner gets sufficient time to complete the material and is able to plan his studies.

    Packet Details of Fundamentals
    1 Quantitative Aptitude-1
    Fundamentals of Reading Comprehension + Interpersonal Communication
    Fundamentals of Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency
    Vocabulary Flash Cards
    2 Fundamentals of General Mental Ability
    Quantitative Aptitude-2
    Fundamentals of Reasoning + Decision Making
    Practice Test Booklet-1
    3 Reading Comprehension Practice Booklet
    Practice Test Booklet - 2