• 70+ live, online morning classes, each for 2 hours
    • CL Fundabooks provided as ebooks with concept discussion
    • 30 CAT Mocks with their in-depth analysis
    • 7500+ questions spread across Topic and Sectional Tests

    Join a classroom program straight from your Home. Yes, the era of getting up, hailing a cab/boarding a metro in the wee hours of the morning to catch a class before your work, is finally over. Enjoy the crème-de-la-crème faculty of the industry right from the comforts of your home on your mobile or PCs.

    CL’s CAT Day Classes is the only program in India that allows you to study anywhere, anytime under the aegis of CL Gurus- GP, Gejo, Shivku, GB and the likes. In case you miss a class, you can access the same in your Aspiration.ai. The live lectures can be seen with a reasonable bandwidth (eg.,3G) and students can ask doubts/queries during the session through the ChatBox. The live classes will be held in the morning, 7:00 am- 9:00 am, thrice a week.

    Whom is it for?

    For MBA aspirants looking for CAT classes in the morning and want to avoid the hustle of running for classes after or during college/working hours.

    Course Components:

    70+ live, online morning classes, each for 2 hours, with the best of CL faculty

    CL Fundabooks provided as ebooks with concept discussion, examples and practice exercises.

    30 CAT Mocks, each mock followed by an in-depth analysis.

    Test Gym- 7500+ questions spread across Topic and Sectional Tests.

    How to use it?


    • Visit the concepts and examples from the ebooks and MBA-on-Demand (recoded videos covering the basics of Quant and Verbal) for the topic that is to be covered in the class.

    During the Session:

    • Learn, practice and ask doubts during the class


    • Take up practice exercises from the ebooks. Take Topic tests and Sectional tests to master your strategy for each topic and section. Write a mock each week and perform its indepth analysis. Revisit a concept by watching the recorded session.

    Course Benefits:

    • You get to learn from the CL Gurus themselves and can take classes anywhere, anytime.
    • If attending the session at the center, get your doubts cleared by the faculty at the center
    • Revisit important concepts by watching recorded sessions. Thus, you can attend the same class multiple times.
    • Topic Tests and Sectional Tests in Test Gym to ace each topic and section.
    • Take care of any exam day anxiety by writing CAT 30 times before the actual CAT.

    Please note the following points in case of availing Offers:

    • Category Students: Valid for SC/ST/OBC category students

    • Student with IIM Calls: Applicable if call received in CAT 15/16/17

    • MBA classroom 2018 student: Enrolled in any of the MBA classroom program worth Rs. 14999/- or above in 2018

    • Loyalty Offer: Enrolled for any CL program @ Rs.4999 or more in last 3yrs (2015-2017)

    • Smart CAT Cracker 2018 Students: Enrolled for any Smart CAT Cracker variant worth Rs.9999/- or above in 2018

    • CAT 2017 Night Classes students: Enrolled in any variant of CAT Night Classes worth Rs.14999/- or more in 2017