• It’s Recorded and hence you can access these lectures anytime at your convenience.
    • A perfect way to revise in structured format.
    • Mostly all past year GATE questions with concepts will be covered here.
    • Complimentary practice questions set will be provided at the end Of course.
    • Live faculty will solve all your doubts.

    Our GATE Crash Course programme can be beneficial for both, 3rd as well as 4th year engineering students. 4th-year students can get an opportunity for quick revision through this programme while the 3rd year students can get a quick overview of the course. It will put them ahead in their GATE preparations and will also help with university examinations.


    Our crash course for GATE is ideal as well as beneficial for a lot of different groups of students in the field of engineering.

    1. 7th Semester students have already studied all the course required for GATE in their universities. The crash course will help them with a quick revision.
    2. 5TH SEM STUDENTS 5th sem students can revise whatever has been studied till date for the GATE exam while also having a gist of the topics to be covered thereafter.
    3. Dropouts or any other students interested in GATE can get an opportunity to quickly revise the complete syllabus of GATE.

    Who should attend this course:

    • Students who have not join any coaching.
    • Students who have not got access to teaching By IIT and expert faculties.
    • Students who wish to utilize Diwali break and revise properly.
    • Students who have doubts in subjects and wish to get it solved live through top GATE training faculty.
    • Student wish to Practice technical subjects’ questions and concept for any exam in INDIA.

    Format of This Course

    • This course will be purely online ( laptop or Mobile)
    • There will be recorded sessions of top faculties of India on scheduled dates.(refer detailed schedule )
    • These session will be streamed Live to make your Studies systematic.
    • If you miss The live session, you will get the recording in your login within 7 days of the lecture is conducted.
    • After Almost every subject a day or two will be provided for live faculty to interact with you for doubts, refresher, important topics, smart preparation etc.
    • Few subjects like enginerring maths for batch 1 will be purely live and recoding of them will be provided as explained earlier.
    • you can chat and ask questions to faculty during any live session.
    • fee for this course will be 12000/- + GST