• Expert consultants
    • Admission process
    • Road map
    • All about exams
    • Career abroad

    Study abroad bootcamp for parents

    Find out all you need to know about studying abroad to act efficiently on every step of the way toward securing a successful future for your child.

    1. Why go abroad? Drawing parallels between Indian education system and education systems abroad
    2. Top destination countries. Top colleges
    3. Cost factors country wise - cost of education and funding options
    4. ROI - worth it? Discussion on salaries and job scenario.
    5. Career path and opportunities - our recommendations
    6. How to select a course, university and country‚Äč

    What we provide:

    Expert consultants
    A wealth of knowledge developed over decades of mentoring that helped students secure admissions abroad

    Know the admission process
    All you need to know about pursuing education abroad - universities & programs, profile building, costs & scholarships, ROI

    Step by step road map
    Get an idea of what to do, when to do and timelines for application by our experts.

    All about Exams
    SAT, ACT, LSAT, LNAT, MCAT, TOEFL, IELTS - what streams are they applicable for, what is the exam pattern and when are these conducted

    Careers abroad
    Get the realistic picture of careers and opportunities abroad and understand if the result is worth the effort

    Spaced-out sessions
    the entire program will be covered in two weekends with 2-2.5 hour sessions on each Saturday and Sunday over the two weekends - A total of 10 hours spread over 7 sessions


    Session Plan

    All about graduating abroad

    • Why go abroad (with examples)? Drawing parallels between Indian education system and education systems abroad
    • Top destination countries (streamwise) / Top colleges (streamwise) {US, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, South East Asia & others)
    • Cost factors country wise - cost of education and funding options (introduction to scholarships, loans, and work while studying options)
    • ROI - worth it? Discussion on salaries and job scenario
    • Career path and opportunities - our recommendations (jobs, higher study planning, time lines etc., discussion on returning to India if you want to settle here)
    • How to select a course, university and country (what should be the order, factors that should be considered)

    Exams to target and prep guidance

    • SAT
    • ACT
    • LSAT
    • LNAT
    • MCAT

    Steps to build a strong profile

    • What constitutes a "good" profile?
    • Profile examples (examples of student profiles in top 10 universities streamwise)
    • Extracurricular and co-curricular activities and their importance (what kind of activities are needed, how to project your accomplishments in this area)
    • How do you go from "okay" to "wow"?
    • What if you have not done anything extraordinary?
    • Timelines to build your profile (how early can you start?)


    Art of writing a compelling SOP

    • Why is SOP required & What do the colleges expect
    • Dos and Don'ts in writing SOPs
    • Is there a SOP template to follow? (discuss on various ways to write an SOP with examples that got students accepted into the top colleges)
    • What other essays are required (examples of essay titles asked in colleges)
    • How to write a good essay (actual essays shared)

    Concept paper writing

    • How much of a help are these
    • What can a student in 9th / 10th / 11th or 12th do in this regard
    • Examples of students with good accomplishments in this area
    • How to get an internship/project
    • How to write a concept paper and get it published
    • What conferences can a student attend (9th - 12th standard)


    • What are all the types of funding possibilities
    • All about scholarships
    • All about loans

    To do list for admission in dream college

    • Preparatory plan (9th to 12th - what should each category student do)
    • Time lines to follow - setting goals and achieving them