• 16 hours of faculty-led live online interactive sessions.
    • Comprehensive & practical knowledge sharing approach.
    • Clarity of concepts with deep insights on topics backed with rich industry experience.
    • Knowledge-oriented study material.
    • Real-life case studies & examples to illustrate the course
    • Personalized guidance to implement the knowledge gained.

    Finance for non-Finance Executives

    This course will equip you with appropriate financial decision making techniques & tools. This will help you decide the correct pricing, products, cost efficiencies, budgeting & working capital management with a better understanding of cash flows & profits.

    Duration: 2 Days (18 hrs)

    Learning mode: Faculty-led Online

    Eligibility: Anyone who has the ambition to understand the interpretation of financial statements and the management of day-to-day finances

    By the end of this course, you will be able to:

    • Understand financial statements & analyze the data.
    • Make decisions on costs & budgets.
    • Understand economic benefits of capital budgeting decisions.
    • Perform working capital management.
    • Understand the cash flow & profit analysis.
    • Understand the tax implications.