• UPSC MAP Course - Live (English Medium)

    • Target year - 2022/2023/2024

    • 30 hours of Live Sessions

    • Coverage of INDIA & WORLD MAP as per UPSC exam syllabus


    Students in Top 50 in UPSC 2019

    AIR 1

    in UPSC 2017 & 2013.

    AIR 1, 2

    in UPSC 2015.

    Program Features

    1. LIVE Interactive Classes
    2. Complete coverage of India & World Map
    3. Important Places in News (India & World)
    4. Important Tribes (India & World)

    Features & Benefits

    The program aims to prepare students for MAP based UPSC Exam questions. This program will help students to learn India & World MAP by covering the basic concepts as per UPSC CSE Exam pattern.

    This comprehensive program offers 30 hours of live, interactive classes by the best of CL faculty from New Delhi.

    1. Target Exam Year - 2022/2023/2024

    2. Coverage of INDIA & WORLD MAP as per UPSC exam syllabus

    3. Course Duration - 30 Hours

    4. Course Validity - 12 months

    1. LIVE Interactive Classes by Renowned UPSC Delhi Faculty

    2. Complete coverage of India & World Map for Civil services Exam

    3. Important Places in News (India & World)

    4. Important Tribes (India & World)

    5. Important National Parks(India)

    6. Important Wildlife Sanctuaries (India)

    7. Important Tiger Reserves (India)

    8. Important Mountain & Rivers (India & World)

    9. Sample Questions

    10. Access to aspiration.ai

    Know your mentors

    • Pravin Choubey Sir


      Geography, Current Affairs & Environment

      He has experience of 8+ years in UPSC teaching. He appeared twice in UPSC interviews. His unique style of teaching Geography & Environment through connecting Current affairs is very appreciated by the students.


    Tech requirement

    Anyone with a laptop or a mobile device with a reasonable connection speed can attend the sessions live

    See detailed Technical Requirements

    Note: Below are the system requirements for Mobile App if applicable.

    • Android app works with 4.0+ devices
    • The desktop app needs a system with 2+ GB RAM and 2+ GHz processor
    • Chrome browser (version 36) is mandatory for Desktop app
    • The browser needs Flash player installed to it. Choose browsers that support Flash based on the Operating System that is being used
    • User login and validation is done by the server. So please ensure that you are connected to the internet during the first login
    • Note that you can access course content on only one Laptop/desktop and on only one mobile/tablet. So please login through the devices that you access most
    • Seamless data synchronization (like course completion status, test scores) between desktop and android apps require internet connectivity on both the devices

    Maximum 2 devices (laptop and mobile) are allowed. If you use the services on a 3rd device, your Aspiration account will automatically be blocked and it will take 7 working days to re-activate it To Re-activate the account, you need to contact us by emailing support@careerlauncher.com