• Test Gym 2021

    • 5600+ Practice Questions

    • 8 CAT Mocks

    • AI-Driven Analysis


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    Program Features

    1. 5600+ Practice Questions
    2. Questions handpicked by CL experts
    3. 8 CAT Mocks
    4. AI-Driven Analysis

    Features & Benefits

    5600+practice questions are divided into 645 Topic Tests and 45 Sectional sections.

    Master each topic and perfect your strategy by practicing questions spread across three levels of difficulty (basic, medium and advanced) with AI based analysis and performance measures.

    8Unproctored CAT Mocks as part of Test Gym.

    Our extensive experience and data allows us to derive insights about your performance that can help you improve your scores in the areas that matter and maximize your score in the CAT Exam.