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    LAW 2025 Test Series

    • All India ranking

    • 98 All India Mocks based on important exam patterns

    • 48 CLAT + 50 Non-CLAT Mocks


    Top Ranks in CLAT 2024


    Top Ranks in AILET 2024

    Program Features

    1. 98 All India Mocks based on important exam patterns
    2. Includes 48 CLAT, 12 AILET, 10 SLAT, 10 MHCET, 10 ET-CU, 3 NLAT, and 5 PU based mocks
    3. Only CLAT and AILET Mocks to be administered till December 2024
    4. Mocks based on SLAT, MHCET, ET-CU and PU will be administered post-CLAT 2025
    5. In-depth performance analysis including Drill Down Analysis
    6. Video Solutions for all CLAT and AILET Mocks
    7. Live Attempt Sessions (recorded) by CL Gurus for pre-defined Mocks
    8. Access to telegram group for discussions
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    Features & Benefits

    98 all India Mocks based on important exam patterns

    It Includes 48CLAT Mocks, 12AILET, 10SLAT, 10MHCET, 10ET-CU, 3 NLAT, and 5PU-based mocks.

    12AILET, 10SLAT,10MHCET, 10ET-CU, 3NLAT, and 5PU-based mocks.

    Video Solutions for all CLAT and AILET Mocks.

    In-depth performance analysis including Drill Down Analysis.

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    Scholarship offer: 10% additional discount for students who passed their 10th grade in 2024 with a score of 95% or above.

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    Scholarship Offer: 7.5% Additional Discount For Students Who Passed Their 10th Grade In 2024 With A Score Between 90-94.99%

    Rs.12,000 5,087


    Category Offer: Valid For SC/ST/OBC/EWS Category Student

    Rs.12,000 5,224


    Loyalty Offer

    Rs.12,000 5,224


    Commonly asked questions


    A friend recommended CL-LST to me. Although I started late compared to others, fortunately, my first class was with one of my favorite teachers, which made everything easier. With the amount of support I got from the institute at all stages of my journey, I was able to ace the exam.

    Pradhyot Shah
    AIR 2 CLAT 2024 | CL Id - 30661072

    I was confident about my preparation but never expected to secure rank 4 in CLAT. I believe this is because of the adept guidance and quality material provided by CL-LST, which helped me adapt to the new exam pattern. Despite the uncertainties, I was confident in my preparation.

    Pragnya Amireddy
    AIR 4 CLAT 2024 | CL Id - 11827264

    I believe attempting mocks was the essential part of my strategy. I focused on analyzing the mock after each attempt, which made me realize my mistakes, and then helped me capitalize on the learnings after each attempt, which was aided by guidance from CL-LST faculties.

    Ashutosh Kar
    AIR 10 CLAT 2024 | CL Id - 11913164

    I joined CL-LST around March after my 11th exams. The entire curriculum was quite comprehensive, aided by well-versed faculties at the center. I was highly satisfied with the faculty, as they were available to resolve my queries at any time of the day.

    Diya Agrawal
    AIR 1 AILET 2024 | CL Id - 30262917

    I always looked forward to the Quant & English classes of CL-LST. The faculty helped us to enjoy the preparation process rather than just cracking an exam. It helped me keep my cool for the AILET exam even when my CLAT exam did not go as I expected.

    Nandita Matolli
    AIR 3 AILET 2024 | CL Id - 30661355

    I took the 2-year online course with LST. The faculty and the comprehensive study material, especially monthly GK magazines, helped me a lot. Attempting mocks regularly and comprehensively analyzing them contributed to 25-40% growth in my marks. It reflected in the exam as well.

    Aanya Dhandha
    AIR 4 AILET 2024 | CL Id - 11947087

    Law Entrance Examinations require consistent practice, clarity on approach to problem-solving, and adequate guidance. With each mock I attempted, I nurtured the habit of problem-solving from the examiner's perspective. CL-LST faculties were always there to guide me during this process.

    Divas Upadhyay
    AIR 6 AILET 2024 | CL Id - 11901292

    I believe my success is majorly attributed to the rigorous curriculum of the CL-LST course and the competitive culture of the coaching center, which never let me settle and motivated me to move forward. My mentors helped me with the mental part of the exam as well.

    Preeyal Seghal
    AIR 12 AILET 2024 | CL Id - 30260949