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    MBA 2023 Test Series + Books & Materials

    • 30 CAT + 75 Non-CAT mocks

    • Topic Wise Tests - 5000+ Practice Questions

    • Includes Physical Study Material


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    Calls from IIM - Calcutta in 2022

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    Program Features

    1. 30 CAT Mocks ( 15 Prime CATs + 15 Countdown CATs)
    2. 75 Non-CAT Mocks
    3. 45 Sectional Tests based on CAT Pattern
    4. 62 Non-CAT Sectional Tests
    5. Topic Wise Tests - 5000+ Practice Questions
    6. Includes Comprehensive Physical Study material
    7. Video Solutions for all 30 CAT Mocks
    8. Live Analysis for Countdown CATs
    9. Video Solutions for 3 Mock XATs, 3 Mock SNAPs, 2 Mock IIFTs and 2 Mock NMATs

    Features & Benefits

    30CAT Mocks specially designed as per the CAT paper pattern.

    Our CAT Test Series mock interface replicates the actual CAT Exam which helps in reducing the intimidation factor of the exam and ensures maximum efficiency. These are accompanied with Live Mock Discussions by our CL mentors for select mocks.

    It includes 15CAT Countdown Mocks available in a Fixed Test Window with all benefits (Video Solutions, Live Attempts by GP, Gejo, Shivku and others) and 15Prime CAT Mocks which can be attempted at any time as per your convenience and includes recorded video solutions.

    75+ Non-CAT Mocks to prepare you for the MBA Entrance Exams apart from CAT

    This is split into 8 XAT, 10 NMAT, 10 SNAP, 7 IIFT, 5 TISSNET, 6 MICAT, 3 ISBAT, 5 CMAT, 4 MAT, 2 XGMT, 2 PGDBA and 15 MHCET.

    Video Solutions for all 30 CAT Mocks and 3 XAT Mocks , 3 SNAP Mocks , 2 IIFT Mock and 2 NMAT Mocks

    CL Mentors including GP, Gejo, Shivku, etc. will provide recorded attempts for select mocks. Understand how to go about attempting the mocks to maximize your score.

    Topic Wise Tests - 5000+ Practice Questions.

    Master each topic and perfect your strategy by practicing questions spread across three levels of difficulty (basic, medium and advanced) with AI based analysis and performance measures.

    45 Sectional Tests based on CAT Pattern

    48 Non-CAT Sectional Tests: XAT - 12, NMAT - 12, SNAP - 12, IIFT - 12

    After you give a certain (threshold) number of mocks, our AI-Driven Percentile Predictor gives an estimate of how much you are likely to score in the CAT Exam.

    You can work on your weaknesses on the basis of the mock analysis and improve your predicted percentile. This feature is available for countdown mocks exclusively.

    Get access to comprehensive physical study material in the form of our well renowned CL's Fundabooks that cover every aspect of MBA entrance exams along with practice exercises.

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    Fee waiver for 2023 VARC 1000 students

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