• Master Stroke for XII Maths, Top 150 Questions

    Mathematics is a subject where most of the students find Great difficulty in Learning. The 25 Years of Teaching Experience of Educator Praveen Tyagi has made Maths Simplistic and Very Easy to Learn. Also the topics covered are starting from the Basics to Advanced.

    • Recorded sessions, at your convenience

    • Mentor with 25+ years of experience

    • Real-time Telegram Support

    Program Features

    1. You get Top 150 Questions that are most important for XII Boards
    2. Course by a faculty, who is 100 %iler in CUET Exam for XII Maths
    3. The Questions are chosen based on repetitive pattern and as per Experience of the faculty
    4. Questions will be discussed with the best possible methods
    5. 10 Recorded Lectures
    6. 1 Test
    7. Telegram Support

    Features & Benefits

    This course includes 10recorded sessions.

  • Study for 60 minutes a day with on-demand lessons you can watch anytime.
  • In this course you will get 1full length test.

    This course includes 150questions which helps you to boost your score maths score in boards.

  • Students will be provided with Basic to Advanced Level Questions and Test. It will be around 150 Questions Practice material.
  • Know your Mentors

    • Praveen Tyagi


      With over 25 years of experience as an educator, Praveen has been actively involved in helping students realize their career dreams. His ability to connect with students makes his classes interesting and full of knowledge, making the transition from basic to advanced level as seamless as it can get. Praveen is also the author of a number of books on calculations.