• BBA 2022 Express

    • 120+ Hours Live Interactive Sessions

    • 5 Sessions Per Week

    • Test Series + Test Gym Included


    Calls from IIM-Indore


    Calls from IIM-Rohtak

    Program Features

    1. 120+ Hours Live Interactive Sessions
    2. 5 Sessions Per Week
    3. Test Series + Test Gym Included
    4. BBA Mocks Only
    5. Printed Books Available

    Features & Benefits

    120+ hours of live online session with a combination of online classes and face-to-face interaction with CL Experts.

    Mocks based on important BBA entrance exams.

    Practice through these mocks that are consistently rated as the closest to the actual exam, by students. Utilize tools such as Drill down analysis, time analysis, impact of incorrect questions, etc., as you analyze in-depth every mock taken, and keep improving your performance.

    1600+ practice questions across all sections and exams to practise from.

    Take topic tests to improve your score in specific topics, or sectional tests to evaluate how prepared you are to tackle each section on D-Day.

    Get access to our well renowned CL's Fundabooks that cover all section of IPM BBA entrance exams.

    You can get your queries answered in the dedicated telegram group.

    Any other doubt can be cleared by sending a mail to support@careerlauncher.com

    Available fee waivers


    Scholarship Offer ( Based on Class 10th Score)

    Rs.25,000 13,500


    Category Offer

    Rs.25,000 13,500


    Loyalty Offer

    Rs.25,000 13,500

    Know your mentors

    • Gautam Puri (GP)



      Known for his wit and style, GP makes the big IPM easy to trap. From poor grades in school to India's leading Aptitude Guru, GP sure knows how to make things turn around. Watch him, follow him and learn from him, for, he has all the golden rules you would need to crack IPM.

    • Gejo Sreenivasan (Gejo)



      There is no IPM question that Gejo can't solve and every class with him is power-packed with superb learning, interesting facts, jokes and a lot of positive energy. He keeps the interest of students rolling by presenting the topic through interesting angles. His classes are sure to leave you dazzled.

    • Amitendra Kumar


      Product Head, After-12 Category

      Amitendra is the academic head as well as a student mentor who loves to guide students towards success by helping them crack the entrance exams. He loves interacting with students, helping them with strategies, performance analysis to understand their strengths and to adapt. An avid reader, Amitendra writes on exams and colleges in newspapers and magazines regularly, helping the student community.


    I joined Career Launcher for Online Classes for target year 2021. Top notch quality material, concept videos and doubt solving. No complaints at all, couldn't have asked for anything better. Madhuri Ma’am, Abhishek Sir, helped a lot in concept clarity and doubt clearing for IPMAT exam. Nuzhath Ma’am gave motivation in PI for all 5 IIMs. Best Faculty on-board, thanks CL.

    Rebanta Saha
    Converted IPM IIM Ranchi, Symbiosis University Pune

    As a Class XII student, I had joined Career Launcher's IPM Online Express 2020 to crack IPMAT of IIM-Indore and Rohtak. The facilities, which included videos of Mr. Gautam Puri and other fantastic Aptitude Gurus, helped me crack IPMAT confidently. My performance in the Verbal Section was low before I joined the course. The individual topic tests, section tests, and the mock exams were rigorous; and helped me get used to the exam pattern, which eventually made me feel comfortable during the actual examination. Live strategy sessions by the top faculty members also helped me keep pace with the time allotted in the exam; and eventually boosted my confidence, as my performance improved day-by-day. Also, my queries were being answered immediately, as and when I put them forward. And Career Launcher, being student-friendly, gave me extra facilities free of cost, which were not part of my subscription, since the institute wanted to ensure that I, and other students, don't just while away the precious preparation time. Overall, it was a learning-cum-fun experience, since I could interact with other students on the Telegram portal and get my doubts clarified, which benefitted me and my peers too.

    Maduwanthan Madhav Kumar LR
    Converted IIM-Rohtak in 2020

    I solved completely books, class sheets of career launcher for IPMAT preparation. The material was great contribution for my journey. Classes and class recordings really helped, I referred them whenever I wanted to understand weak areas. The classes were regular and never missed them. Teachers taught us in a simple yet effective way. I would say, Career Launcher is the best coaching, and would advise my friends and every to join if you are looking to get into IIMs for IPM.

    Sakshi Goel
    Converted & Joined IPM of IIM Rohtak 2021

    The career Launcher mocks and classes were very good. Quant teacher Abhishek Sir and Verbal teacher Sanjaya Ma’am were very precise and took lot of time to clear our doubts. One of the best things I liked about Career launcher were its MOCKS. Sometimes, we don’t feel like studying or opening the books, but you can’t miss out on your preparation. So, mocks have been constantly improving my IPMAT/DUJAT preparation.

    Sahil Malani
    2021 DUJAT Ranker: AIR 6

    Tech requirement

    Anyone with a laptop or a mobile device with a reasonable connection speed can attend the sessions live

    Note: If the student only has a Jio internet connection, he/she will not be able to attend the live Webex classes through it. This is because Webex doesn't recognize Jio as a reliable internet service provider.

    See detailed Technical Requirements

    Note: Below are the system requirements for Mobile App if applicable.

    • Android app works with 4.0+ devices
    • The desktop app needs a system with 2+ GB RAM and 2+ GHz processor
    • Chrome browser (version 36) is mandatory for Desktop app
    • The browser needs Flash player installed to it. Choose browsers that support Flash based on the Operating System that is being used
    • User login and validation is done by the server. So please ensure that you are connected to the internet during the first login
    • Note that you can access course content on only one Laptop/desktop and on only one mobile/tablet. So please login through the devices that you access most
    • Seamless data synchronization (like course completion status, test scores) between desktop and android apps require internet connectivity on both the devices

    Maximum 2 devices (laptop and mobile) are allowed. If you use the services on a 3rd device, your Aspiration account will automatically be blocked and it will take 7 working days to re-activate it To Re-activate the account, you need to contact us by emailing support@careerlauncher.com

    Note: If the student only has a Jio internet connection, he/she will not be able to attend the live Webex classes through it. This is because Webex doesn't recognize Jio as a reliable internet service provider.