• GMAT Focus Edition: Unofficial Guide 2023

    • Verbal and Quant concepts

    • 800+ Practice Questions with Detailed Explanations

    • Data Insight Section

    Benefits of GMAT Focus Edition: Unofficial Guide 2023

    • Learn through a concept-based approach that revolves around various relevant themes and includes practice exercises.
    • Enjoy an engaging and effective learning process with well-researched topics and concepts with diverse applications.
    • Access a unique learning methodology that involves integrated approach and testing at every step – an absolute requirement for success.

    Features & Benefits

    Gain a deep understanding of GMAT Focus Edition concepts, including Verbal and Quant concepts. Each chapter revolves around relevant themes, providing you with in-depth knowledge.

    Receive more than 800 practice questions, each accompanied with detailed explanations, to help you hone your skills and track your progress effectively.

    Get acquainted with the GMAT Focus Edition pattern and boost your confidence and performance on the actual exam.

    Stay ahead of the game with the exclusive Data Insight section that helps you gain valuable tips and strategies for this section of the exam.