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    • 50 Hours of Video Classes

    • Practice Oriented Approach


    Students in Top 50 in UPSC 2019

    AIR 1

    in UPSC 2017 & 2013.

    AIR 1, 2

    in UPSC 2015.

    Program Features

    1. 50 hrs of Recorded Video Lectures
    2. Mock Test
    3. Practice oriented approach
    4. Access to recorded lectures for revision


    Features & Benefits

    Learn the Art of Essay writing from CL UPSC Gurus. Over the last few years, Essay paper has been one of the high scoring in UPSC Mains exam and hence this paper plays an important role in the deciding the final merit of the final selected candidate. All it requires is to prepare and attempt essay paper with the right approach and it pays if you have been able to put down your though, express viewpoint depicting analytical thinking within the confined word limits. The program is specifically designed to focus both on beginners & experienced UPSC aspirants

    15 hrs of Recorded Video Lectures

    -Mock Test

    -Practice oriented approach

    -Access to recorded lectures for revision(For Enrolments under Freedom Offer (Rs. 75)- Course validity will be 750 Hours only.)